Thursday, January 12, 2012

I miss my Roomies!!!!

My Roomies cam-whoring while Ms. Monkey was in the fitting room
notice the camera on Nee Lee's hand?
these ladies are naturals kekekekeke
sorry this posting took so long, pics was taken back in October :P
if I dun put it'll never will

Mee Mee, Nee Lee and Shell Shell
we were actually out celebrating Nee Lee XXth's birthday
after the yummy lunch we went shopping and ended up at this boutique with a nice fitting room
and a comfy couch to sit the ladies with a huge ass mirror for the to cam-whore
hehehehehe :)))))))
Finally Monkey came out fr the fitting room and we had a Happy Shot together :)))))
I've never seen them for the past 2.5 months and really really really extremely miss them!!!!!
sigh.....we must get together soon ok!!!!


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