Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I am so sad about Malaysia Airlines

Yup I know...today's posting is supposed to be a continuation from Versailles
then this silly Monkey forgotten to upload pics from the other computer
last time it was one computer for the whole household........those were the days
Today, there's 5 to be used among the 2 of us
sometimes it got so confusing I forgotten which file in which folder in which computer

just like last nite, I was seeking hi and lo for important photos to be submitted to a publication
"Where is it???"
JS: "errrr I think it's in the iMac."
"NO it ISN'T!!!!"
JS: "definitely not in the Macbook Air. Maybe u can try the Macbook Pro."

so back to Today's posting...it's gonna be Airline food
many ppl despised food served onboard
coz it's pre-packed food which was cooked like hours earlier, or days????
while some ppl really enjoy airline food coz every airline has got some special menu

well, I'm neither.....it depends...
I'm a bitch coz I'm choosy...usually I'll ask wat they gonna serve, checked their menu
then decide to have it or not....
later if I see other ppl are having some yummy food then I'll change my mind
:P beeaaatttchhhhh
One thing I never turn down is MAS's satays...
coz it's yummy
well....allow me to rephrase...it USED to be yummy until 2011
now wat??? did u change caterer? or recipe? or more like CUT COST???

it's so disgusting these days...are those chicken hair on the meat???
wat happen to nasi impit/ketupat that u used to serve???
sometimes I get my piece of onions and well in this case there isn't...
only the 1st pic on this blog has got a slice of the white onions coz it was fr a different route/flight

and notice the first pic looked more appetizing???
and what happen to the satay sauce???
there's more peanut butter innit now
not the way Malaysian Satays should be unless I'm in Garuda Airlines and they are serving Indonesian Satays...
*well indon satays has got more peanut butter in their sauce*
Since the satays were untouched, I had to settle for main course
well u gotta feed a hungry stomach don't ya?
judging from its looks u know it ain't yummy rite?
my local mamak has got better food than this

in the end I was left hungry, nibbled all my fruits
*while JS was bz nibbling nuts like a squirrel*
when they served dessert and cakes...
I was already smacking my forehead....
sorry no pics, coz I couldn't be bothered anymore...

just shocked!!! what happen???
since when did the food standard became this bad???
well it wasn't one of the best airline food...but tolerable...and now....
I'm gonna find time to write to MAS this week...
oh wait...I wrote to them 4 months ago with regards to my loyalty card and no one has gotten back to me....and I re-wrote to them 2 months ago...
*bangs head*
**why should I be the one banging my head??**

my most shocking revelation was NASI LEMAK
MAS has got wonderful nasi lemak...and I alwiz alwiz look fwd to it!!!!
it has got the best sambal and the rich grains cooked in creamy coconut milk

and now....the sambal is gone....only prawns cooked in chili sauce
the creamy rice is now....errrr slightly brown spiced ginger un-nasi lemak rice
wat happen to my crispy anchovies and fried peanuts???

*bangs head*

yeah I am an ungrateful bitch for all the complains
when some kids elsewhere are dying of hunger
and here I am whining about food

ok wait till u pay for your ticket and got these in return
especially when u've been flying with them for so many years
and noticed how the standard dropped year after year

as at 1st January 2012, MAS has cut 7 more routes to save costs
Adios Rome
Goodbye Capetown and Johannesburg
Tata Buenos Saires and also Dubai

this isn't the way to save an ailing company
even the head steward was telling me this in deep sadness in his eyes
"......:((((......management decision....despite majority opposition....."
I gave him the :(((((( face too...

I will definitely head to Kiasu-Land to get my connecting flights next time
Singapore :)))))))))))
well I can't vote any airlines as the best coz there's so many more I haven't been into
even those that I've tried, each has got their own specialty in terms of service and hospitality
and price too :)))
so in the mean time, I better learn to "fast" like JS on board
*or nibble on nuts*
especially on 13 hours flight when food is a problem...

oh wait...I can fly with so many other airlines...
Emirates :)))) Etihad :))))
KLM :))))) Thai Airways :))))
Singapore Airlines :)))))
Cathay Pacific :)))))
and even Qatar Airways :))))))

MAS pls buck up!!!
and this was only FOOD...
I haven't go to the part where u are never on TIME
and u change ur planes configuration as u wished n passengers only got informed upon check in....wat can we do by then??? this is a SCAM!!!!
Read about really old posting of some airlines:

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