Thursday, January 19, 2012

Black Virgin of Montserrat

after the 3 hours hike, we needed FOOD
so just simple quickie ones like grilled sausages with grilled herbed eggplants
*they served it with a sliced of lemon and mind u at a cafeteria*
with a bag of yummy chips  
our next stop was Santa de Maria Monastery to visit the Black Madonna
one of the very few black Madonna in Europe
ooooooOOoooo that's interesting, coz I've never visited one before
the climb to its altar was quite mesmerizing with beautiful paintings on the dome,
sculptures on all sorts of marbles
how intricate!!!!!
ohhhh there she is!!!!!!
said to be carved in Jerusalem *but no confirmation on this*
visitors took turns to touch that lil globe she's holding on her right hand
 *pic stolen fr the Web*

the Child Jesus sat on her lap
both the statues were protected with a bullet proof glass except her sphere
which I touched with care
Later JS & Monkey sat inside the church for ages
well we tend to do that in every churches/cathedrals/chapels that we visit, 
in silence......finding solitude? maybe.....
perhaps this is how it feels like to near to God?
God....are u there???

if u are here...there's nothing more that I could ask for 
I am grateful to be in this World 
and it is my duty to take good care of myself and loved ones
and to make full use of myself because u have already given me the most important elements which was......
to be able to love and be loved
beautiful carvings and artwork on the ceiling of the monastery
it makes u wonder the skills and creativity involved in those days to build all these
moreover to build buildings all around this serrated mountain
to haul up materials, manpower, water etc up here....
it's amazing huh?
the more I look at it, the more astonished I was
so when there's a will there's a way
never ever give up in Life as u sail towards ur destination
do not let obstacles hinder u from your goals in life
there is no failure.....ppl fail coz they give up
a tiny cross sat at the edge of the jagged mountain
it was a really great day
very very good to be here
and this trip was one of the highlight in our itinerary
time to turn jelly again to descend down the mountain
this time no more mist nor fog to cover the valleys
the low sun was shining strongly casting shadows of Montserrat over its neighboring highlands
another cable car on its way up passed us by
I was standing next to the window this time
trying to surpass my fear for heights
having conquered my fear for errrrr 5 mins.....I felt proud
teeeee heeeee eheeeeeeee
then we looked back at Montserrat
if there's opportunity, we will definitely return
yes returning to hike up its PEAK!!!!!
we'll come back prepared yea...with my lunch box and hiking gear :D
then we waited a couple of minutes for our city train back to Barcelona

What a beautiful day!!!
we sat quietly next to each other inside the train
mesmerizing over the wonderful experience we had in Montserrat
and my very first hike in my life *hiak hiak hiak*

for more information on visiting Montserrat:

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