Thursday, December 24, 2009

Shopping at Montenapoleone, Milano

Montenapoleone is the most EXPENSIVE street in Milan and Italy
it is also regarded as the most IMPORTANT street in Fashion

the above is Dolce & Gabbana street...coz the whole street only has Dolce & Gabbana's boutique
they have sub-boutiques selling only D&G innerwear,
shoes, parfumes, RTW...bags...jeans..
oh mind u..that one street only has D&G for Women
D&G for Men is on the other street -_-
Versace house...with 5 levels of merchandise..
we didn't really explore the other levels...
they have arcade shopping like this for some non-Italian brands
I like the Fiat car Tree-pots creative
so after the first shopping trip at Montenapoleone...we got the above
well we returned almost every other day after that


licheng said...

the car tree pots are cool..but takes up lotsa space :P

neil said...

Shopping bags? I want to see the purchases! =)

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: yea that's the idea, so u kenot park the car there..kekekke it's as big as a SMART car!!!

Nee Lee: soon soon....coming soon :D wanna keep the suspend mar...