Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lunch at Simon's, Milano

Rule no 1 when eating out in Italy
and its whole array of menu is in Italian
coz rest assured u'll be having great authentic Italian food
Simon's is a small pizzeria with limited seating
the service is gruff and friendly
rustic decos
and the whole team speaks Italiano...well that's wat u want..
a real test to any makan place would be its bread.....simply rustic
JS ordered this Buffalo Mozarrela and Tomatoes salad...
it was not on the menu...

Mr. Giovanni the owner: "Insalata?"
JS: "Mozzarrella....errr......pomodoro......"
pomodoro = tomatoes

Mr. Giovanni the owner: "AAahhhhh......insalata caprese!!!!"

Both Monkey and JS nodding ferociously: "Si Si si...that one...."
Si = Yes
we came here for the pizza which they sold by slices
yes -_- I know...their one slice is like our multiple slices
quattro pizza with artichoke, kalamata olives, grilled zucchini, fungi and prosciutto
Mr. Giovanni the owner also recommended this homemade gnocchis
he was trying to tell us it was homemade...

"no mercato!!!"
he said and did the rolling flour action with both of his hands...
mercato = market

Monkey is not a gnocchis lover until that day...
I whacked the whole plate..which was meant to be JS's lunch.
the tomato sauce was so sweet with the occassional bite of minced pork,
gnocchis were so fluffy and it really melts in your mouth...and once u bite innit
it has this al dente-ness that surprised u and the flavour of potatoes burst in your mouth

JS watched me ate in amazement...
it was really a wholesome plate of simple gnocchis.

oh that reminds me to email Mr. Giovanni picture of KL twin tower
coz he's so amazed with it....:))))

Mr Giovanni the owner: "Si Si!!! I know Malesia...the big tower!!!"
if we were to return to Milan, will definitely come back to you Mr. Giovanni

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Wei's said...

Shouldn't have read this when I'm hungry -.- *drooling*