Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Parco Sempione, Milan

Sometimes curiosity don't kill the cat
whenever we are on the road travelling makaning watever
we never fail to stretch our nose longer and sniff around wander futher
for more beautiful sights and explore hidden gems

built in 1893 its garden was designed by Emilio Alemagna
Castello Sforzesco at a distant
it was the same evening when we were visiting the castle
and got adventurous, ventured further down this beautiful park
Parco = Park
JS been lugging his heavy Tai Farn Shue D700 which weigh about
about...about .....anyone's huge size dog
yep it's that heavy....and to snap pic with it takes a lot of effort and muscle skills
motor skills and brain
and obviously I dun have any of the above
this one taken minus him
looked so fake huh? I dunno this place is so beautiful and all the scenery were just too perfect!!!!
almost like a wallpaper of a studio
and so we walked and sat around
ppl watching dogs watching and watched the sunset over the castle
*well I think in Italy, per human being there's a dog*
sun rays over a naked tree.....
sun sets about 4.30 during winter
by 5pm it's very dark already
cobbled streets
this 47 hectares of greenery is really worth visiting
esp for photography
there's also a pond with clucky ducks, swans, a romantic bridge
statues to marvel at
and an amphitheatre built in 1806 which is still in used at the moment

Parco Sempione
Piazza Castello - Piazza Sempione
there are 8 entrances to this park
opens to Public everyday


neil said...


S-kee said...

I love the 3rd picture of you! Love the falling leaves and the garden. The pics are so lovely. Did you use photoshop a? hahah

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: Hope it inspires u to mark more exam papers :D

S-Kee: have u been? :) no photoshop....only edited to smaller size so upload is easier :))))