Monday, December 28, 2009

Climbing the Duomo, Milan

u neva tot that this structure can be climbed don't ya?
well for Euro 9.50 per person = RM 47.50
price inclusive of elevator ride
u can climb all the way to the roof and it was one helluva experience for me
the roof was just spiral laden
and so GOTHIC!!!!
at the top is the statue of La Madonnina
it's standing at 4.16m and sculpted by Giuseppe Bini in 1774

a water gutter of an ancient flying creature
can u imagine they crafted everything from marble by hands?
the marble has worn off over the years
and it looked dark + black due to the rain
the climb was not scary despite this Monkey is such a whimp on heights
there was one part where u can see the whole piazza on the climb that scared the shit outta me
I was whimpering all the way up and almost cried
*only the last part where u can see below*
it made JS -_-" x 100000000
breathless view on the way up
can u see how tiny I was?????
Voila we are at the TOP!!!!!!
even the roof was made fr marble
tiny me~~~~~~
worth all the whimpers and climb huh?

Duomo Roof Terrace
Opens daily 9.00am till 4.15pm
during summer it opens till 5.20pm


js said...

looking at all the sharp spires now you know why the PM of Italy was seriously injured after being whacked by a "model" of the Duomo!! :)

CHER-RY said...

JS: U wanna try???? *wink wink*

licheng said...

WOW..the architecture is amazing, simply amazing.

neil said...

Some of those pics should be made into postcards! :)

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: YEA!!! i wondered how the heck they built this!!!

Nee Lee: u mean the one wih me innit? nyek nyek nyek *tak malu*

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! :)