Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Salut Seafood, Kota Kinabalu

We went to Salut for Seafood which was about ...errr quite far from home.
they have loads of fresh seafood in the tanks for u to touch, smell, poke, harrass, disturb
before u weigh them and choose a method to kill em..
errrm I mean cook em.
the tremendous varieties of sauces can blow u off
including its spicy chili sauce
steamed fresh prawns
I had so many!!! Burped!!
but someone else's plate was even scarier..
kenot mention who to protect the goodwill of his name
Bagaholic Tracie had fresh coconut juice
but this one was my favourite here
oh yum...I can sapu 2 on my own
snails.....not for everyone
this was how it looked like.....
steamed fish was excellent...
aint' enuff for all of us
stir fried bittergourd with black beans
with extreme wok hei
remember the breathe of fire?
the "Chans"......
boys were growing up or should I say shooting up like beanstalk
they are taller than JS now
this was the sabah vege which is a must try
fried with some eggs
forgive the quality of my pics as I was busy eating with my fingers
my style: eat the roe!!!!
throw the body away!!! that's how I enjoy my crabs...dun waste time with the body
fried vegetarian stuffs which I dun eat
Hokkien King busy with his crabs, Chili Queen and Her Royal Highness
Bagaholic Tracie & Si Fu Lawrence
I hope u ppl had fun in Sabah
stuffing your face with food
my style :P

next trip we'll fly to Sandakan to see orang utan kay?
well if u are up to it...

otherwise u can just look at me...

uuuuu arrrrkkkk uuuuu arkkkkk


Tsu Lin + + said...

NYOM NYOM NYOMS... I wanna eat also! Everything looks nice including the air kelapa. And, oh, I don't fancy that vegetarian dish too but I will eat it anyway if it's infront of me :D

Eh, what was it about re the watch-making question you shot me out of the blue?

CHER-RY said...

TL: hi Tsu Lin :)I am sure u are craving for local food :D

no lar..just catching up on your education news :D