Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jade Palace revisited

Since this place was so good....
apa lagi???
lurve their cripsy roast pork
this one was duck feet.......
errrr me no eat this one
requires some inner strength
combo of fried pork neck, chicken knees and I forgot wat
but good to munch on while waitin for the main courses
grilled conch and scallops
star of the nite
deep fried frogs legs with ginger shavings
ohhhhh yum!!!!!!
grouper and bittergourd in claypot
with lots of "wok hei"
JS brought these two
he was pondering for hours on wat to drink
Fionna & Jason fr Malaysia
both came to Spore to attend Lawcie's wedding
*the Lawcie term caught on quite fast thanks to GOE*
since they ran out of Alaskan crab we had snow crab instead :)
its roe were white too
steamed on top of egg white
*look at my dirty plate*
**actually it's crab roe and its juices**
the signature hor fun, caramelised with good wok hei
JS tried to emulate this at home and made a yummy hor fun with eggs and eggs only
Prince C & I Ching
pretty dessert
"kei chi" konyaku jelly, "malai kou" and yam cake
my fav had to be the fried yam cake
yin & yang
almond cream with black sesame cream
i took a tangy lime jelly with lime sorbet

today my 1st day of work after being away cuti cuti-ing
lots to do...so post was short
work work WORK

Jade Palace Seafood Restaurant,
BB1-13, The Forum Shopping Mall,
Orchard Road, Singapore
Tel: +65 6732 6628

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