Friday, August 01, 2008

TOD'S Restyled D-bag Tote Media

Yes it is a very long name for a bag
named after Princess D of Wales
really spacious with its GRANDE size
*just the way I like it*
**oh wait, I DO have another similar bag**

and drawstrings at the side finished with silver metal TOD'S pieces
so your bag can expand as your cargo grows.
so HUGE that it can store almost everything.
comes with other colors with different material
and fiery RED
but I can't have another red bag anymore
WHITE is soooo must have this summer
white is so difficult and troublesome to maintain.

for example,
at the restaurant:
"Oh wait....gimme a clean white napkin so my handbag can sit on it instead of on your dirty chair."

during the weekend:
"I'm so sorry I can't go out with you coz I have to stay at home to polish/wax my bag."
and there's a smaller size in PINK!!!!!!!!
and brown and dark brown and blue and silver and pale sapphire and malachite

after hesitating for erm...5 mins.
I got the PERFECT one...which is so classic and so safe.

Flew back to KL,
went to KLCC for groceries...
unconsciously walked into TOD'S boutique.

saw MY bag sitting grandly on the NEW ARRIVAL shelf.

"How much is this? any markdown??"
"I'm sorry maam, this is our classic collection so no markdown."

"How much is it retailing then?"
"It's RM 6,090."

sigh -_-"
so folks,
Monkey got the black one......

and u know how much??
at SGD 1,300

go figure why I was luffing the whole week.

PS: It was such a bargain, JS got a messenger bag as well. tee hee hee.


licheng said...

I saw a lady carrying a white one in Ginza last night! Japanese are sooooo brand concious..everywhere I turn - LV, Gucci, Longchamp etc..
it's so hot and humid! hu hu..
in the united airlines lounge now..flight boarding in an hour back to SD via SFO..

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: How was Tokyo?? U got yourself anything interesting?