Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Moomba, Boat Quay

We missed Moomba for quite some time,
too many makan places to go,
and too few days.oysters in 3 different ways,
original, warm with chardonnay ??? and with a special almost thai-liked sauce
Appetizer of seared yellow fin tuna with mangosteen salad = yummy,
salmon belly with japanese rice infused in truffle oil,
and toro on stick, which I gladly passed over to Prince C.
foie gras with mash which was not made fr potato,
I forgot wat was that.
my favourite!!!!!
linguine with skillet grilled prawns
waygu cheek.....I was very full by then.
Si Fu Lawrence, JS, Desmond
Si Fu and Desmond used to cook together back in Melbourne.
and super sporty of him to teman-ed me and Tracie next door
to have a good luff at the sexay lingeries and sexay toy shop.

karma sutra pasta anyone? and boobie eggs??
hiak hiak hiak.
another foodie couple, Mr. & Mrs. W
this pair traveled around the world for good food and wines.
quick!! go and start a blog with all the great pics u took!!
the ladies!!!
my fav wines of the nite!!
highlight of the nite got to be Leonard's superb egg tart
so soft and yummy and good I had 2nd slice.
one last bite.....yum yum

During the appetizer course, Monkey went to the kitchen
"Leonard, what's for dessert?"

During main course, Monkey went to kitchen again
"Leonard, can we have the normal pastry based instead of OREO?"

After my long awaited yummy dessert, Monkey went in again.
"Leonard, I was wondering do u have another slice of tart for me??? :))))))"
Leonard *the one and only with specs* was so sweet to accommodate this Monkey.
thank u so much for the wonderful creation.
Can I have another tart to take away????
egg tart went so well with Sauternes
Si Fu's favourite.
Must have after every meal.
BilleCart Salmon champagne,
chambolle musigny 03,
Clos de la Roche 93,
Clos de vougeout 02,
savaterre which Si Fu opened at 1pm and let it breathed for 7 hours....
how can u blind us with a new world wine????
I-Ching & Prince C with their notti princes.
Tremian is such a darl!!
but both of them kept on yelping "Mommy I'm hungry!!!" all the time

Prince C: "Huh Billecart again tonite??? Why??? Durian runtuh??? Champagne prices dropped izzit?"
JS and Monkey
The Moomba Restaurant
52 Circular Road,
Singapore 049407
Tel: + 65
6438 0141

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