Wednesday, July 26, 2006

smooth sailing connection

It's just slightly past 7 in the morning
this monkey woke up looking like this 0_o

What the heck?!?!

It's pouring outside....nice weather..
go back to sleep monkey
the bed isn't calling
I think i can do better
somehow something in me
felt uneasy, worried..

trying to shake that feeling off...hmph!!

anyway i should learn to wake up much much earlier
hit the gym or
go online this early
when nobody else is using 3G around my area...
or the wireless network....
i'm getting a very fast connection
damn cun i tell ya!
good hour for massive uploads/downloads

last nite, we had dinner in Starhill
after much hesistation, we headed to Tarbush
JS wanted to dine @ Shook!
and monkey craved for lebanese food
guess who won?

their humus is good...however
their "tabouleh" (national lebanese salad)
really "TAK BOLEH"
too dry that I requested more olive oil
the only course i enjoyed the most is the grilled lamb shank
with their signature briyani..

okie time to hit San Francisco for my usual cuppa....later

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