Monday, July 24, 2006

Here it goes

U may now stop asking...yes S-T-O-P..
I shall bring u to a 'mini' tour of my
pls stop asking already...can?

This is wat u see isn't a big place..but cozy... :)
The table top or watever u call it right after the entrance...
*my* side of the storage
wait till he transfer all his shoes....can open shop i tell ya..
the full length mirror which took so much effort to source.....but i lurve it...match the doors
mr. chan did a very good job :)
The dining area...the table took quite some time to source
i lurve fresh lilies at home all the time....the scent.. :)
the dry kitchen
the gadget that i lurve the most at home....haha....luff all u want.
the ritzenhoff expresso glass, beer glass, champagne flutes..more to come
guest room
another view of the same room
the study room...yet to design the layout..currently the store room...hehe
living hall
i hardly watch the tele... -_-
pretty geberas....
the view fr my balcony
the penthouse
happy kids below
Jalan Tun Razak
now.....the master room
lazy me...yet to unpack
*yawn* i felt like zzZZzzz now
the wardrobe
extreme mess...i need to re-design the storage u satisfied? U betta...


neil said...

Wahhh your guest room is so nice! Can I visit you and be your guest over a weekend? :P

CHER-RY said... are welcome anytime :)

Anonymous said...

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