Sunday, July 30, 2006

You DON'T do that!!

" don't do that to your wines!!!
Wine purists will skin you alive..."
After the earlier post, I was escorted to some shops...sigh..

This one,
*I shall not mention its name here for it provides such lousy service that I will not step my foot there anymore*
is one of the sole distributor for home & domestic kitchen appliances...
located in TTDI...they have..
- Liebherr *the brand we were looking for*
- Fisher & Paykel
- Amana
- Teka
- Rubine
- Granitek
- Foster
- Smeg
- Fagor
- Mobel
- Kupperbusch

So back to my point, we were looking for some specific wine chillers...
nothing beyond 3 feet tall...
no glass door *wines store better in the dark* *glass doors are meant for display in restaurants/retails etc*
something avant garde
and will look good together with the sideboard *yet to design*

And this shop just gave farking they couldn't care much
or rather they don't need our business...
we REALLY wanna make purchases there...
I think they are being snobbish...
like I can't afford their products..
hey, I'm giving you a good business lar...I wanna buy not one but TWO chillers..
please's like me begging to buy from can?
duh...really bad service..spoilt my mood :(
So we left...
afterall, there's another shop somewhere...this is a free country.

then at the very last minute, flipped through the magazine and got some addresses...
went to this *not so good looking shop* in Old Klang Road..
their products were extensive..woooahhh..
the moment I stepped in...I lost my plot and myself...
They are sooooo cute!!! I want the pink one till i saw the rest on their website..
Can u stand having a Union Jack refrigerator at home?
hehe..knowing me..the fashion freak...I'll choose this one coz it's so "Paul Smith"

So there..tell me how not to lose the main objective of appliances shopping..
when all these are there, standing proud and tall...and squeak

monkey: I like this one!!
JS: yes it's nice.
monkey: and this one...this is cute...wah...check this out...
JS: baby...we are here to..
monkey: look at eh?
JS: .......................
monkey: I want this!
JS: ...*pulls monkey to the chillers section*...
monkey: ...*monkey wails*....

After much decision making, we got a GLASS door wine chiller...
well two GLASS door wine chillers...coz
there isn't much choice for built-in chillers...well..
I like this model a lot coz it's
1) avant garde design
2) met the height criteria
3) it's very cheap

it does not have the built-in thingy....I can still chuck it into the to-be-made sideboard but at the risk of heating its cooling and vibration fan....and well..ventilation issue of coz.
so we got this one....and hopefully will look like this...with the new to-be made sideboard
nice right?

nevermind bout the glass door looks damn good....solved all my prob.
so we got two of those at a very good price...
it has got two tier temperature for white + champagne, the other for reds..

NOW...time to design the sideboard...

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