Monday, June 01, 2015


It's Monday again, how time flies...
Hobbits refused to wake up, it's school holiday after all *like u go to school???*

Anyway I really did enjoy my school life, so much fun. Hence kids, if u are attending school, please do appreciate and treasure the privilege. Yes indeed, privilege is the word, when there are so many other children who are deprived of education as we speak. But kids don't really see the light this way. To them it's a chore to go to school.

My friends do share their worklife with me most of the time, how difficult customers could be. That was until a friend mentioned her customers would be the most difficult because they don't even want the service/products extended to them - namely students. *she's in tertiary education by the way*

oh well that's the nature of human beings, when you possess it, you never seem to know how important it is, its value to you. But once it's slipped off your hands.........

so Kids enjoy while you are still at it. Education is a privilege not a chore. Once you live life on your own as an adult, the meaning of chore will come to reality.

As much as I've enjoyed my education, I do enjoy my work life too :))
Happy Monday everyone :)))

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