Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Birthday celebration at my favourite restaurant :))

We've been eating and drinking since the sun rose early in the morning, so by late afternoon....I can't really remember wat we've been doin. So pardon me for being so quiet the last few days for I had to recall the itinerary of that very beautiful day.....a day where I celebrated my birthday with my dearest friends in Ipoh.

Seen here entertaining myself...yeah coz I dunno wat was I hitting on the piano. Prollie sound pollution.

after the piano, Monkey hijacked Caden's violin to his dismay
"Heeey that's mine!!!"
nvm, lemme try lemme try....I wanna play too. Yeah I am a big kid.

Host and Hostess who arranged all the makan itinerary and the logistics part of the entire group. THANK YOU :))))

Monkey trying to look sober :P
anyway I was quite sober by dinner time....boxes and boxes of stemware were wheeled into the private room, not to mention the stunning wines which we were about to consume :))))

Such a treat :)))) the wine with the banana leaf, 2 eyes and 3 grapes. Hehehehe the winemaker gonna come after us for labeling them this way. It symbolizes the interaction of God, people and nature.

and so there were 2 tables being setup all ready for dinner.....
As usual there were some guests who refused to be photographed for privacy purpose. I've been receiving many request of late to omit them off my blog. :D

and dinner commence with her :)))

and a special order of this :))))))
we believe in consumption of sustainable shark fins. Go read about it.

This one was very very special on extremely special request. The Chef himself peeled the fresh crab meat on the very same day with his dedicated team. The crab roes were set aside for this dish, plenty of it hence the color of the soup was rather orangie :))) Chunks of awesome goodness were concocted in this soup with sliced sea cucumber for that extra texture.

Dish of the nite for me :))))

hello piggy, u have no idea how yummy u were!! Oh that sounded so wrong but then if you have to be sacrificed for my birthday, it has to be prepared and cooked with utmost respect and skills. Chef personally roasted you piggy...with his gloved hands rolling u side to side on the metal skewer over fire.

J&J Jelina looked skeptical.....she's training hard to climb Mount Fuji and was deciding hard should she have another piece :))))) Tough decision!!!

steamed deep sea fish :))) look at all the fatty gelatinuous parts of the head :))) all soaked in its own jus....yumminess beyond descriptions

they called this "har lork"
for me it's giant yummy umami prawns. Deep fried then cook in special homemade soya sauce.

they should just call this fist prawns bcoz it's the size of my fist. Do u know that the size of our stomach = the size of our fist? one fist of coz.

You'll be surprise that this restaurant also makes really good peasant food...such as this hakka stuffed tofu. Ipoh has got one of the best tofu thanks to its "hard water", high in mineral content.

Who can resist these babies? :)))

Don't let this dish betrayed you for its looks. It may be lacking in presentation but full in flavors. Comfort food of slow braised yam and pork belly. 

Monkey and her Yoshitomo Nara iPhone cover. Was so happy to have visited his art exhibition recently in Hong Kong that I had to own his books and merchandises.

"JS does she look like me???"

JS told me, looked more like this painting by Yoshitomo Nara
geeee thanks....I didn't know that the perception of myself in your mind is as such....with evil gangsta eyes and flaring nostrils. Okie readers, bcoz I am so in love with Nara, I will dedicate a special posting to him :))

Yeah both of us agreed that she's definitely not one year old!!!!

Make a wish or plenty of wishes....and I saw picture of my ciggie box there -_-" ishhhh

Caden said "no eyes see" coz she's definitely not one year old!!!!

Thank you guys!!!! Such a great celebration with loved ones and amazing food and wines...and champagnes *hic*

Stunning line-up all prepared and curated by Mr. JS. He managed to dig out 2 bottles of magnums bcoz there's almost 20 of us, Yeah only 6 person gave permission to be photographed, the rest of the guests just X-ed themselves.

Kee Kee went to the famous stall nearby and got us these crispy apom for desserts. The fragrant nose of coconut milk soon penetrated our senses. When he bought in hundreds, everyone commented it's impossible to finish.....but.....all gone...and friends added that it must be consumed while it's still warm and crispy on the edges. Hence the speed of consumption...chomp chomp nom nom -_-"

and we paired it with a bottle of Chateau d'Yquem.....perfect end to our dinner.

Thank you my dearest friends for such a great birthday celebration. I ate and drank so much *hopefully I've gained back my weight!!!* Monkey is so blessed to have them in her life. Love always :)))

by the way my favourite restaurant in Ipoh is :)))))

Mun Chong Seafood Restaurant or
Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant
57-65 Jalan Verasamy,
Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: +605 241 9348

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