Monday, June 29, 2015

Our weekend :)))


Amid our busy schedule, we suddenly remembered it's our anniversary!!! LOL. I know.....and Monkey was >.< when JS said it's our 7th years anniversary....oh men...and sulked for like 30 seconds. It's our 9 my dear!!!

JS: "Has it been that long???"
Monkey -_-" 
I guess when you are having a great and amazing time, it just passes by so so fast. Monkey quickly made a reservation at the new restaurant that has gotten everyone talking about it. Dewakan :) will prepare a separate posting just for this restaurant.

Monkey: "Ok I am buying dinner and will pick u up at 7pm on Friday ok?"
JS nodded in delight. I did not expect any form of gifts but as sweet as alwiz, he went and got me something anyway :)))
Van Cleef & Arpels alhambra earrings in rare Malachite stones :)))
too pretty!!!!! THANK YOU!!!
Dewakan was amazing!!!! Must go!!! Both of us enjoyed ourselves thoroughly with the 10 courses creation by Chef Darren Teoh.
He surprised us with his innovations, creativity and roots. The jet-white ice cream was a bomb!!! Pulut Ice creams!! yumssss.....Ok ok ok will save this for another posting.
The next morning on Saturday.....the appointment has been set at 8am for fitness training by my company and I lugged myself up with JS kicking me on the ass.

JS: "Wake up!!! go and run with ur colleagues!!!"
Monkey: "Oh why didn't it rain???? why????"

It was a good workout and I am glad I listened to JS :)))) Oh well despite being in alcohol business, the company promotes healthy living ok?? Don't think otherwise.
After the 1.5 hours workout.....JS rewarded Monkey with Peter Pork Noodle in Brickfields!!! Wahahahaha so yums. So do we work out to eat more?? I guess it's almost like that :D hehehehehe

I've left Miss Poot Poot Poot at service center for a week now, coz none of us has got time to retrieve her...:"( sniff

and when I got into the car, this was what I saw~~~~~
"I got bored while you were gone...."
Yeah she was already ready on Monday and we've only have got time on Saturday to get her!!!! Bad bad bad terrible horrible car owners!!!

But I guessed she has found some new friends at the show room?
tee hee hee. Good advertising efforts by Mini.

Ice Lollies at Dewakan...
hehehe yes...2 nites in a row at Dewakan. Dr. Epicurean had been pestering us so Monkey brought him here for dinner while JS attended another beautiful wedding. He dropped by later towards the end of the dinner for the wines. :)))))))
On Sunday morning, we woke up early for more exercises and stretching work....a bit of core body work outs here and there....There's alwiz incentive towards the end of any workouts...instead of pork noodle for Sunday, JS made french toast with caramelised bananas :))))

If I need incentives to do workouts, it's not a good thing. This mindset has to change!!! Anyway the french toast was yummmsssss and I had so many!!!

Now that I have a X-Pole at home, every Sunday is pole play day. That also bcoz Monkey took up spinning pole lesson 3 weekends ago. It's really different from static pole - which I've took up for a year now....still trying to get use to the spinning sensation and controlling its spins and speed.
So here I was, trying to do the Spinning Swan trick but to no avail. Was still too scared to let go of my left hands. >.< the pain......the bruises....ohhhhh~~~~
Hello bruises...check the patches of bruises on my thigh!!!
and we were so blessed to be invited for a family birthday celebration. This orgasmic homemade crab curry is only reserved for family birthdays, cooked by granny. Paired together with fluffy ghee thosai oh yummmssss~~~~~the best la!!!!

3 cakes for Birthday Gal :)))) Dinah is only 9 years young!!! and Peakie D was so thoughtful to celebrate our 9th anniversary as well. Thank you for everything and ur beautiful friendship. :)))) truly blessed to have you and Lyndon and the kids in our life :)))

Captured by JS, with his Leica lens...
That's way too many cakes for one lil gal but when it's your birthday, you rulezzzzzz hhaahahah

and one fr the iPhone for remembrance. Happy Birthday Dinah!!!!

So that's all for a short weekend, but we had a really really good time.
Happy Anniversary to my dearie JS, my soulmate :)))) And we will still preach the same thing, let's roam the Earth together!!! :)))) looking forward to our next destination and yes I will train harder to have a healthy and fit body. :))))


Chasing Food Dreams said...

Happy Anniversary to You Both! May you both be as loving as always... ;)

CHER-RY said...

Thank you so much for your wishes Chasing Food Dreams :)))