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The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto

*pic taken from The Ritz-Carlton website*

the exclusive 4 floors Ritz-Carlton hotel, situated just by the famous Kamo River. This river is one of the most visited spot for tourists and locals alike. The Ritz Carlton just opened in 2014 and both Monkey & JS decided we must check into it just to....hmmm check it out? :)))

the architect design depicts the edo period of Japan with the iconic roof. Each room has a huge window to overlook the mountains and river.
Zen water and stone features greeted us upon arrival.

We must say this is one of the top-notch service we have received by far during the last trip to Japan in February....the moment our taxi's doors were opened, the beautiful lady in elegant kimono greeted us with an even more beautiful smile.
She requested for our last name, and ushered us towards the corridor with cascading water feature. The sound was so soothing and inviting. Lady in Kimono then proce Lady in Kimono  eded with some introduction of the property to us.

*Pic taken from The Ritz-Carlton website*

She brought us into the hall with creme colored chairs. The interior design here just reminded me of Armani Casa. Especially with the material used on the chairs and vertical wooden panels.
*pic taken from The Ritz-Carlton website*

the site that Ritz-Carlton was built is a long strip of land facing the Higashiyama mountain and river. Hence the architect creatively worked with that he had to incorporate all the elements of water, earth and the usage of materials that represent the Edo period of Japan.
From the taxi straight to our room by Lady in Kimono. oh wow what a smooth check-in...I remembered as she walked past the concierge another tall good looking staff handed her a small folder. So those were our documents....then I noticed she has got a transparent earpiece attached to her.

sou des when she asked for our reservation name, she was also announcing it to her team members.
We were then seated on this area over looking the Kamo River...Can u see the Higashiyama mountains??? The skyline is the typical Kyoto buildings. There aren't that many tall buildings here. I can't remember how many times we've been to Kyoto but each visits never fail to mesmerise us.

As at 2015, most of the attractions are under massive restoration works. I guess they are preparing for the big O....Olympic that is in 2020. Oh well, we've been to all the major UNESCO sites, so I guess it's OK since we are here for some gastronomy adventure hehehehe
The 600 sq ft room is divided into 2 from the entrance. The long corridor with all the minibar amenities you needed. The other side is the shower, lavatory and walk in closet.
Monkey was bz snooping around the room already....
Wahhh this is very nice!!!! I like!!!
I was so impressed with the cypress wood used on the floorboard of the shower. The tiles on the walls were 3D shapes of sakura flowers. Down lights cast shadows and they looked like butterflies to me :))) I lurve butterflies~~~
The lacquered box with enamel mother of pearl on the amenities box inside the bathroom. When I opened it, all the toiletries were inside. :)))

The lil cupboard that stores all our snacks, coffee pods and various tea bags.
they thought of everything don't they?
early morning lifesaver - Nespresso machine

All japanese hotels be it resorts or business hotels have got one in their rooms. That includes Ryokan. I guess Nespresso is everywhere now compared to 5 years ago :)))
While Monkey was so bz snooping around, Lady in Kimono proceeded with a simple tea ceremony. Then she proceeded with the check-in process. Inside the small folder she took from her colleague earlier, there was a mini scanner the size of a 15cm ruler which scanned our passports.

ohhhh that's very Double O Seven.
Just one signature and we were done with our check-ins....inside our room :))))

She then left us to enjoy our tea and the stunning view.....there's even a mini bonsai in our room!!!
We've got 2 huge beds to ourselves!!! woohoooo. and it's so soft and comfy. A long day lounge sofa was rather inviting too...for an afternoon nap....but JS the hyperman who couldn't sit still, wanted to venture outta the hotel already.
please....i wanna nap nap for a while~~~
JS -_-
Before the whining can stop, our bags have been delivered into our walk-in closet. and really there's isn't much time to nap and Monkey got pulled from her lazy chair to venturing in the beautiful city of Kyoto. He wanted to snap some beautiful pics of the Golden Pavilion.
Monkey was still buying time....
"Hey look JS, there's a cute gadget next to your bed....let's play with it."
JS -_-" NO!!! we are goin out now!!!!

So as we arrived at the lobby, Lady in Kimono was surprised and enquired where would we want to go...
JS: "Kinkakuji, the golden Pavilion."
Lady in Kimono: "Oh that's very beautiful and I am sure you will have beautiful pictures." *pointing to JS's massive equipments.

JS was beaming with smiles...coz that's exactly what he's gonna do in a short while.
Lady in Kimono: "Would you like a taxi? It looks like it will rain and how many umbrellas would you need?"

JS is an iron man...he doesn't need any umbrellas, only Monkey the soft toufu *according to him* needs one. >.< Lady in Kimono was walking with us towards the entrance and chatting amicably with us.

Once we arrived...a taxi was already waiting with its door opened. Another tall and good looking doorman was standing with an umbrella.

WAHHHH speaking of efficiency. So I guess as Lady in Kimono was talking to us, all the informations were relayed to her team. Gosh JS I felt my privacy has been infringed!!!! hahaha just kidding. Every guests would want such special and efficient treatment.

*The above pics were all taken from The Ritz-Carlton website*

To further enhance our experience here, there's even a full fledge Pierre Herme boutique downstairs!!! GAHHH I cannot believe it we will be served pastries the next morning from Pierre Herme!!! this is too much!!!

after  all the hardwork or carrying JS's equipments around for him to snap some nice pics. We came back in time to get ready for our kaiseki dinner at a 400 years old restaurant. Will blog about it soon.

It's so soothing to come home to the hotel with the sound of water cascading...Now I want this at home :))))

The next morning, hobbits were all admiring the beautiful Higashiyama mountains from the room. We are really spoilt for this luxury stay. :))))) JS himself declared nothing less than the Ritz-Carlton now unless some Relais & Chateau ryokan...

think he's more spoilt than me.

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