Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Home cooked Uni Pasta by JS

Sea Urchin pasta with crispy japanese seaweed.

I know I'm alwiz a eppy gal when fed with food :))))) hehehehe
not just any other food, but good food. Good home cooked food by Mr. JS.
The above was his first attempt at sea urchin pasta and it was delish!!!! yummmzzzz.

A certain day where me and my team had to work at nite/morning. So naturally everyone will head out for dinner together before event starts at 10pm.

Boss Ken: "Pls join us for dinner before the event."
Monkey: "Nope, I am goin home for dinner."
Boss Ken ????? Home???? for dinner??? who's cooking????
his eyes almost popped outta the sockets.
Monkey heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D:D:D 

sorry guys, Mr. JS can't do mass feeding to accommodate all of u. Maybe next time hahahaha. and this Friday I m goin home to have my "cooked-with-love" dinner before attending another event hehehehe. Yes I am indeed a very lucky gal but no complaints :)))

Say your grace and receive with thanks.
Life is good. :)))

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