Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Kung Jung, PNB Darby Park

Burn baby burn....
the amber fr the charcoal fire was extremely hot, the sliced garlic were bubbling in the hot oil. For those who doesn't fancy fresh garlic for its spicy pungent nose and taste, this is definitely for you. After the bubbling process of coz. It has a very sweet nutty taste.

Last Friday we congregated for an early birthday celebration for Wenda. It was an informal celebration minus the cake!! where's the cake??? I guess she'll be blowing many many candles in the next 2 weeks and have as much cake as the Queen herself, hence we spare her calories with more meat for this gal.
Marbling of the beef was so beautiful that I had to snap as many shots as possible...despite the heat!!! it was really hot but thankfully at Kung Jung, the waiter will cook every morsels of food for you to your liking. 

MW Maho has got her favourite head waiter, and he knows exactly how we like our meat. Problem was we were eating too slowly, he had to remove everything off the griller once it's done, even took effort to place the individual pieces into our platter...almost had to feed us...hahahaha.

the peeps were too busy discussing bout the blind tasting we were having that evening. Again I did not snap pic of the beautiful rare bottles that we had.
MW Maho, Monkey and Wenda
As usual, the Master of Wines brought all her wine gadgets and peripherals for every dinner. Same goes to JS, his favourite wine opener is a beautiful handmade Laguiole wine opener. This group of ppl alwiz have their wine openers in their pockets.

MW Maho also bought a beautiful Swarovski white wine opener as a congratulatory pressie for Monkey on her new career. It's so pretty with a white leather box I didn't wanna use it!!! Too pretty to be used. But things are meant to be used right? So very soon I m gonna have Ms. White with me inside my handbag at every dinners.

What's that? it looked like kim chi!!! Seriously I am a terrible at documenting pics bcoz I left so many other pics behind, from all the yummy sides and different types of kim chi served here. The above pic was definitely not kim chi *though it may be marinated with one*

 It's lovely squid!!! yumsss, spicy sweet and tender.....
Head waiter had to remove the entire griller off the heat to stop further cooking, and we were again bz yakking away bout the wine regions that we were not familiar with - Languedoc. Okie into our next travel list. Gosh so many places in France that we've never been!!!!

Beef Ribs...we have so much of these, from original without marination to different types of marination. There's nothing in the menu that we ordered. So the next time if I am here on my own, I won't know wat to have, prollie this blog serves as a good documentation, I'll just pin-point the pics to them then....hehehehe

MW Maho is half Japanese half korean. For someone to say this place is good, it has to be really good!!! Kung Jung even received international Korean diners like the hensem good looking Rain. :)))

Wenda the meat eater was so eppy to be treated with different cuts of beef. I am sure this was better than birthday cakes huh? :))))

Finally some soup and beef and greens.

and bcoz we were perpetually hungry, we also ordered some ginseng chicken soup which was extremely yummy :))) There were oso omelette and other side dishes such as toufu with fermented kim chi.

 Monkey and Wenda

Happy Birthday Babe!!! enjoy your trip and till our next makan adventure :))) and yes I am scheduling a slot to go to ur roof top garden to harvest watever that u have planted for the last few months!!! Safe trip there.

Thank you to Papa Bear and MW Maho for dinner :))) *hic* and the outstanding wines of coz :)))

Kung Jung
Lot 3.1, Level 3,
PNB Darby Park,
Jalan Binjai,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603. 2166.7181

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