Monday, January 26, 2015

Olympia le-Tan

How cute is this????????
Alice in Wonderland!!!! I WANT!!!!
This latest creation is only available through pre-order though and everything was a massive sell out.

For those who are wondering what is's a beautiful limited edition handmade book clutch by Olympia Le-Tan. Isn't it adorable? Alice in Wonderland is retailing at Euro 1,335
Then there's Cinderella!! according to Olympia Le-Tan Cinderella is the greatest love story ever since Snow White. Olympia has got deep obsession with books, all thanks to her influential father, the famous French illustrator and painter Pierre Le-Tan. Like father like daughter :)))

He has been doin works for big names in publishing houses like Vogue, Tatler, Harper's Bazaar, Town & Country, New York Times and also illustration works for fashion houses like Gucci and Lanvin to huge luxury lifestyle retailer like LaFayette. He also did covers for music albums.

So it's true eh? Talents need to be instilled and built. You can't just be born with it alone. 
The latest collection from Olympia Le-tan revolves around the Walt Disney's theme. Her designs are whimsical, playful and yet chic.
Her Fall Winter collection was so playful!!! I love love love every single piece of it :)))))))))) If only I can get hold of my hands on them.....everything was a massive sold out again.
Monkey only managed to purchase the madhatter rabbit book clutch!!!!  It's crazy I tell you. I mean, I was crazy when I found it at Le Bon Marche - our favourite departmental store in Paris. :)))) Do u know that Le Bon Marche is now owns by LVMH group? I love love love the supermarket section so so much. U can practically get anything and everything at the Grand Epicerie section/building of Le Bon Marche.

Ok back to Olympia Le-Tan....Monkey couldn't decide based on those few choices and designs available. Each piece is handmade by Olympia herself and numbered accordingly. It depends, certain pieces only 10 or 15 or 85 pieces worldwide. The How's Tricks? Book clutch was only made for 77 pieces. 
It's a simple clutch with 100% brass material and wrapped in 100% cotton. So exquisite!!! Monkey squealed in delights and JS rolled his eyes.

Oh that would be exactly how he behaved with his wines and whiskeys. So stop rolling ur eyes Mr. JS.

JS: "WAT? It's not even leather and it cost Euro 1,200 for this clutch that looked like a book??"
Oh u won't understand....but despite all that, JS said he'll buy it for me. Wow what a double bonus for me. First I found Olympia Le-Tan and then JS bought it for me :))))
Baby Wei, Marssssh and Monkey at AugustMan event

and I took her out to play at her first event a few months ago. Now I am so in love with it, I wanted more.....
Olympia Le-Tan also designs very beautiful ready-to-wear. Love her chic cuts and prints :))) These are pics from her very latest Spring 2015.

Now I can't wait to lay my hands on more of her creations. We only have got a problem now Houston. Monkey needs to save money again. Argh!!!! why can't money grows like taugeh? Fast and easy~~~ I need to work harder for more. Motivations in life :))))

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Hiya I happen to like her clutch too, check this out.

Olympia Le-Tan, Hansel and Gretel
at Euro 467.50 at :)