Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sexay Back Maggie's Baby Shower

Now....u know her full name....kekekekeke.

It was supposed to be a surprise baby shower, but it failed on the very last 24 hours to the party. After weeks of planning, it got leaked innocently on Facebook and Whatsapps. -_-"

Theme was Rocka Baby bcoz the baby seems to be rocking in her comfortable womb everynite causing restless nite to Sexay Back Maggie. Also thanks to the father who loves to sing....every morning every nite. His fav song is Oh some indian bollywood stars from the some famous bollywood movie Meera

Sexay Back Maggie didn't not spoil the fun and pretended to be surprised when she arrived. Kakakakaka. Her beautiful cake of herself playing an electric guitar and her rockastar baby crawling next to her, to the dismay of the father.

Shy Chatwin: "Where's the father?"
someone answered that the crawling baby has got the DNA of the father.
the Father -_-"

The radiant mommy-to-be and the jeles father. Kekekekeke.

Sexay Back Maggie will pop anytime this month end of early next month. Let's hope he will be a 1st January 2015 baby? hehehehehe

Sal and Brian C. Since the theme was Rockstar....this is it!!!
I just came with my studded wristband. >.<

The mummy-to-be happily putting star glasses for her baby while wearing one herself.

Shy Chatwin gave up on his wifey.....kekekekeke

and yes it's a BOY!!! how many times I have to repeat myself kekekekeke. That afternoon while I was trailing along the narrow streets of Bangsar grabbing a bunch of balloons, onlookers were either giggling at me, or stared in awe at the obviously it's a BOY balloons. Before proceeding into the mall with more onlookers and kids yelling to their mummy mummy I want that balloons~~~~

Beautiful CS and Macho Mani

Giraffe YS and Hot Mama Thevi

Devigaga and Macho Mani, he's one popular man here
Hot Mama Thevi and Beautiful CS
Somehow that afternoon, everyone's husbands bcame someone else's husband. Kekekeke. Showed how much we missed each other.
Group picca and if u noticed, the dress code was Blue, white and Orange

Devigaga and Macho they are not husband and wife. Now where is the wifey? I don't seem to have a proper pic of her coz she's hyper-ish like all the kiddos at the playroom.

Yep this one is a happy family pic of  Beautiful CS and her Giraffe, minus the monster where is the daughter???

there!!! the monster!!!! Yeah I'm the only "auntie" that calls her Monster apparently, coz indeed she is~~~~ like mother like daughter.

Congratulations Shy Chatwin and Sexay Back Maggie
Now they are singing~~~~when the baby is out, u would be singing a different butterfly song. Kekekeke

all the hot mamas!!!!!
Back: Sweet Devil Rachel, Million Dollar Smile Encee, Hot BaBe Shen, Devigaga, Sal, Hot Mama Thevi
Front: Monkey, Sexay Back Maggie, Beautiful CS and her Monster

The wedding was last year, only 18 months ago and we looked so different already!!!!! Gosh time flies~~~~~~

and a pic with the guys - Shy Chatwin, Giraffe YS, Brian C and Macho Mani

and now it's "TRAINING" time!!!! Since u gonna have a kid soon, u better surround urself with a few to get "accustomed" to....Yeah and I didn't realised the there were so many beautiful bubbly kids.

Look at the happiness all imprinted on her face :))))))

her patience was tested and in under 30 seconds she gave up with the kids singing Let it Go~~~~~ let it go~~~~the husband ran away~~~

seriously I hate this song too -_-

But Sexay Back Maggie is one tough momma!!!! she "serenaded" the kids with her rendition of rawk punk song. 

Xmas came early for both of them!!! so many pressies!!!!!!

Before she could unwrap more pressies, lil monster her NEW assistant came~~~~

and another one came along~~~~

Sexay Back Maggie: "This one is my pressie OK?"
the kids were deciding if the bottle sterilizer is a toy or something else. Rheanna looked like she's thinking hard.
and now they are fighting over toys~~~~

don't worry, this one no kids will fight with you over with. They hate to be strapped on this baby car seat.

Time to cut the beautiful rocka-star cake!!! Too beautiful to be eaten but again we were hungry after our tea luncheon here. Yeah 3 pm lunch or tea whichever u wanna call it.

Big Hearty Congratulations to you my dear Sexay Back Maggie!!!!
We are now looking forward to the big day :))))))))))))

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