Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Cherry Picking Cherries, Hokkaido

My name is Cherry and yes I love to pick cherries :P
Cherry picking Cherries just made Captain Chris luffing like the Laughing Buddha. He thought that was the most funniest thing ever. So instead of saying cherry we shall refer this sweet beautiful high in vitamins and anti oxidant fruits as Sakuranbo

Captain Chris: "Kekekekekeke cherry picking cherry!!! kakakakakaa"
Monkey was -_-" would u just take us there please?

Mid summer is the best time for cherry picking, when the fruit is at its peak. We did not expect cherry trees to be that huge, bushy and sturdy.

Each of us were given a huge bucket to pick as much as we want. The orchard will charge according to the weight of fruits picked. At the same time you can just eat as much as u can inside the orchard.

Hoooo Haaaaa Heeeee Haaaaaa
it's all hardwork~~~~~and I couldn't reach the higher part of those trees!!!

Even JS had to climb the ladder to reach to those sweet cherries. You see the sweetest ones would be those that:
1) receive the most sunlight, and it's usually at the top
2) comes in smaller bunches, so that its sugar content is more intense

JS was so hard at work, picking up the best fruits, tasting from trees to trees. If the first trees that u've tasted ain't that great, move on to the next until you have found the one :)))))

There are 2 types of cherries in Japan. The Deep Red cherries are the american types while the bright red sato-nishiki was cultivated here and is so much more sweeter and intense!!!! it's like eating pops and pops of sugar. The size of the cherries here are amazingly huge!!! Just compare it with JS's hand....he can only hold 4 at one go comfortably.

While JS was busy reaching up to pick the best among the bunches with the shaky imbalanced ladder....Monkey was busy....errrr....hmmm....appreciating the fruits?

JS: "Woi!!! wat are u doing??? u r suppose to help me to hold this ladder!!!!"
heeeeee....yeah lor I am helping u to ease the load of these heavy buckets!!!

JS then assigned Monkey some work
sort those cherries out according to size. Remove the leaves and leave the stems on. He was so careful and made sure most of the cherries he plucked were still attached in bunches.

less than 10 seconds he caught me in action again!!!! tee hee hee. It's so delicious and sweet I just can't stop myself from popping them into my mouth. No wonder these cherries are also known as the Red Jewelry for its prized quality.

Then back to busy sorting cherries again~~~~~~
One for you one for for you and another for me....
Big ones for Monkey and tiny ones for JS

I m gonna eat u later OK???? 

Yeah I dunno why JS alwiz managed to capture pic of me talking to objects....I love talking to things including my cars and bags and shoes and basically everything.

JS: "Monkey u done?"
Monkey: "Yesss.....*BURPED!!!!*....yeah pretty much sorted according to your instruction. *BUUURRRPPPEDDDDDD!!!!*"

Just look at the size. As big as my knuckles!!!! The bigger ones are satonishiki and it's sooooo sweet like nectar though the colors were yellow bright red instead of deep red.

The deep red types were also extremely sweet but has shorter length when compared to satonishiki. Oh yea another important thing when picking cherries, make sure you pluck the cherries inclusive of its stems. This to ensure a longer shelf-life. Never just pluck only the fruits.

JS is truly a professional cherry picker, most of his cherries come in two like this!!!! Yes he is a professional coz he picked me ME ME!!!! hehehehehehe

Such a lovely afternoon, and we spent about an hour stuffing our face as we plucked these beautiful sweet summer fruits. Hmmmm now I am looking forward for more activities like this in our future travels. :))))

What say you?

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