Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The St Regis, Osaka

Beautiful Crystal tree greeted us upon arrival at the reception on the ground level. The lobby is at Level 12 by the way, offering an even more stunning view. The St. Regis is the best place to stay in Osaka, for its location. Seriously....everything we needed is just like a few steps away.

downstairs is the beginning of the long long kilometres long famous shopping district of Shinsaibashi offering:
- luxury brands

- luxury cars like lamborghini ferrari bentley etc
- youth fashion street
- international mid level brands
- shopping street full of cooking accessories from chopsticks to ladle to moulds to industrial ovens everything for your home or restaurant
- inexpensive local boutiques
- tonnes and tonnes of eateries, u'll eat till you cry here. From international to fastfood to local.
- the famous Dotonbori in Osaka
- street full of gaming products and electricals from cameras to all sorts of weird gadgets
- shitloads of departmental stores like Takashimaya, Daimaru etc
- all sorts of shops selling souveniers
- cosmetics and skincares shops
- lost count of how many 24 hours convenience stores they have there but there's plenty
- yummy bakeries and cafes
- shrines and temples
- pet shops
- prostitutes *ok this one made it to the list shows they really have everything*

So u see...basically u dun need to go anywhere else in Osaka. Just hang out at Shinsaibashi if the above is ur kinda thing. For us we really lurve its location bcoz our sight-seeing/food/fun factor etc were all within walking distance. Even the fish market which isn't that much of a walking distance, it's about 2km, we still walked to the market. I guess it's through walking that u get to explore more.

Can't remember wat I was doin here at ground level...must be waiting for my taxi or luggagessSSSsssss. This should be on the day we departed. tee hee hee.

The check in was at Level 12 with a garden on the outside.

Zen garden :))))
I know....makes u feel like running out and mess out the beautifully manicured stones. U know how windy it was by looking at the trees.

We usually booked ourselves into the Grand Deluxe King. It's a spacious 51 sqm room in Japan. JS insisted the best is still Peninsula Tokyo....okie that reminded me we have yet to post about that hotel which we stayed last year. Thing is Peninsula doesn't have a butler but The St. Regis has :))))))))))

very normal for us to throw our handbags and camera bags the moment we stepped into any hotels. Soon we were given choices of drinks to be served and some desserts.

The Television can be hidden with its sliding upwards/downwards wooden panel.

The Writing Desk
decoration is casual and yet elegant here

I like that the writing desk also doubles as a pop-up makeup counter for Monkey with suede tray to store my jewelries. I've stopped travelling with too many jewelries after I was stopped in Switzerland a few months ago. Monkey had to explain that she's not smuggling stones in....and she had to bring so many to pair up with different clothes for different occasion functions dinners cocktails meetings casual etc.

U can so imagine the Swiss custom officers rolled his eyes. Also they managed to scan my handbags. Without opening my luggage, from the X-ray they already spotted the metal clasp of double C of Chanel and the huge Y of YSL. I guess after the explanation on the jewelries, they didn't have to ask bcoz it would be the same, I needed them for different occasion.

Soon Butler unpacked our undies and stored our things away
actually I prefer to do them myself.

We were given choices of pillows
from balloon to buckwheat??? Monkey did a "Test drive" and think the existing pillows on the bed were good enuff. 

The standard automated toilet which u can find everywhere in Japan from shopping mall to any other public toilets. It's like a standard feature. And in Malaysia this is a Luxury hahahaha

The bathroom is connected to the walk-in wardrobe and storage area.

The bathtub and standing shower has got a tiny TV screen. So this is pretty a standard toilet compared to other more luxurious St Regis property. Simple is good, since we are only using this place to sleep at nite.

Hobbits were all so eppy bcoz there's a beautiful view of the entire city of Osaka. Japan sits in the ring of fire with earthquakes and volcanos everywhere. So most building can't be built too high. Our room faced the beautiful mountain hiding Kyoto but couldn't see it from this pic.

and so they watched another beautiful sunset together.

JS was the most eppy person in the room bcoz he found this antique looking cupboard...opened it and TA-DA!!!!!!

JS: "Look!!! it's the same machine as the one we have at home!!!! and all my favourite coffee beans pods!!!"
ok ok ok so u'll know how to operate it.

the drawers were full of glasses for different drinks from wine to champagne to vodka to sake to water to whisky. There was even a clay japanese teapot for making tea.

Remember the Zen garden at the lobby? there's a champagne sabering ceremony. Where a bottle of champagne is opened by slicing the neck with a saber every evening from 6.30pm and u get to watch a beautiful sunset here.

We couldn't find time to do that, instead just had drinks before midnite here enjoying the company of each other.

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