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Hashida Sushi, Tokyo

Hello Fuji-san!!!! u are so majestic!!!! waved Monkey from the train
It was a really super hot sunny day. JS and Monkey woke up early in Osaka, took the shinkansen and off we went to Tokyo which was about 500km away. That journey took a short 2 hours 25 minutes in the comfy train with us munching and enjoying hot coffee in our coach. Japan just got smaller thanks to the bullet train. Tokaido Shinkansen running between Tokyo and Osaka is the most heavily used high speed train line in the world. To give you a rough idea, the distance between these two metropolis is quite similar to travelling from Muar to Penang....in under 2.5 hours...fast eh?

Once we have arrived in the beautiful concrete jungle of Tokyo, JS was like a eppy boy announcing that we have arrived at his favourite city.
Sigh -_-
Yeah Osaka was that boring that we were forced to get out of it. Since we've already visited all the neighbouring cities and sites 60km perimeter of Osaka, JS decided he needed to get out and enjoy good quality sushis. Not that Osaka doesn't have good sushi, it's just that the style is different.

After the breakneck speed ride, we hopped over to another JS's fav establishment for some sinful bakery produce *which I'll post about it another day* then hopped into his favourite Goyard boutique for some retail therapy before jumping into the taxi at Ginza and it was only 11.30am.

The facade of Hashida Sushi, located at one of the many islands at the bay of Tokyo. It's quite near to Tsukiji market but not that near to the extend that we could walk unless we don't mind risking our lives by crossing those bridges from tiny islands to the next tiny islands. Anyway if u wanna get here, just jump into the taxi, that would be the easiest as it's impossible to locate this restaurant.

It wasn't even 12pm and the restaurant was full. There is only a counter table seating for about 12-16 pax. No wonder JS had to pull so many strings to get us 2 seats. And the reservation was made through a common friend in Singapore who called the son of the Chef/Owner of Hashida. 

Menu and fresh produce of the day....can't read and they don't speak english here...we sensed we were in trouble...suddenly the high pitched ring of a nearby mobile phone pierced our ears in this rather zen restaurant.

believe it or not, that high pitched mobile phone was then passed to JS
O.O wat's happening???
It was the son Chef Hatchi called to say hello to JS and to ensure that everything was in good order...after some chitter chatters *it was considered a long distance call ok* the mobile phone was passed onto the sister and finally the father, who's the chef/owner.

JS said considered that done....errrr meaning???
JS: "We have placed our food order."
Monkey >.<
yeah through a long distance call....we seriously need a full time translator in Japan.

the son Chef Hatchi
he founded his very own restaurant in Mandarin Gallery, Singapore. Oh well Hatchi is his nick name and professionally he's known as Chef Kenjiro Hashida.

Monkey has never been to his restaurant in Singapore but JS did with his unofficial Wine society gang.

"Wow he's so good looking....when are u taking me there?"
JS -_-" 
"eat here first la...at the father's place...I'm sure it's very good as the son apprenticed under him."

"I still wanna ask why didn't you bring me there before? U have been hiding a good chef away from me!!!!"
JS >.<

He is soooo cute...I am sure his sushis are amazing....kakakakakakakaka.

For appetizers we were served some homemade toufu skins which was so velvety and intense with soya. So so so yummy. Chef Hashida hails from Hokkaido hence his style is very much a combination from the very best of both Hokkaido and Tokyo.

This was very weird and crunchy....eggs from some huge fish I supposed?

Liver and shellfish in a light sauce. The freshness from the sea, the umami-ness of the sauce, everything was so subtle and oh my.....its texture :))))))))

Slightly seared white fish. To be dipped into the spicy orange pickles and soy sauce. It's just so simple, authentic with focus on the ingredients and fish itself.

My gawd...may I declare that this is the best Chawan Mushi in the world!!!! not only that it's so soft and velvety with the jiggly custard, there's a mixture of white soy base toufu as well. What a treat!!!! It's just so so simple but so so so so so good. I am sure the execution isn't as simple as it looks!!!

Our bags were neatly tucked away just right behind from where we sat. They even cover it up with beautiful artisan napkins, just in case there's accident. How neat!!!!

Mr. Fishy which holds the traditional tea pot for boiling was just next to me....hahahaha I used to burn their tail as my tea pot is being boiled over the fire at irori.

We got a GIANT Sea Urchin each!!!!! freshly opened and prepared for consumption.

with a lil ball of vinegared rice to go with our sea urchin

OMG this is so sinful but it was extremely creamie, with floral nose and intense richness. Having one on my own is already so satisfying.....I don't need second for my cholesterol will go sky high. I could already felt dizzy after consuming this. :))))) yummmzzzz

Crunchy fish skin, eaten with another light sauce.

Then the homemade pickled ginger aka gari came out.....this was rather exciting coz it signaled that the sushis are on its way.

where's the rice????

ohhhh....sou des neh....it's just really teeny weeny small amount of rice...This is such a perfect idea so that diners won't fill their stomachs too quickly with carbos.

it was sooo good...at the right texture. The rice just crumbles in the mouth in such a delicate way....but most of all the temperature was just right. Not too cold and warm enuff to release the flavour so that when all the fish fat touches your tongue, it just melts and burst.

Now I understand why JS took the trouble to secure a reservation, and took a journey up from Osaka just for lunch.

I know, he's rather a snob.

Next we were presented with freshly peeled hokkaido crabs. You could eat it on its own.....bcoz it's so so so damn sweet....OR

assemble your very own sushi :))))
Seaweed was so yums coz it was slight warm and crispy to the max

Definitely not for the faint hearted ppl who doesn't eat raw fish :))))

Hashida sushi is now 45 years old at this location and is a celebrity chef in his own way, catering only to his loyal clientele. Now we understand why certain places do not accept Tourists like us. LOL. Seatings are limited, with minimum english. So if u wanna eat, please brush up ur japanese here. hahahaha

Monkey and JS were fighting over for these.....such simple pleasure. High quality torro with perfectly boiled rice, mixed with special vinegar to create such balance. All wrapped in crispy fragrant just-slightly-toasted seaweed and a small finger dab of freshly grated wasabi roots.

Maybe it was in our face that we enjoyed it so much, so loss for words that Chef threw in another surprise at the very last minute.

It was so close, whammed right in front of our face at the table counter.....a huge slab of toro
Look at the perfect marbling of the fats. I know it will melt perfectly before coating my tongue and mouth and deliver such yummyness and taste that no one could resist. I just know it!!!
Chef Hashida took out his samurai sushi knife and started his magic to our delight bcoz we knew right then we will be served this most prized and treasured part of a tuna.

The first piece was served rolled like a rose with some wasabi in the middle....it was pure bliss enjoying this piece :)))))))))

From our ecstatic faces he decided to give us more to the ohhh aaahhh of other diners at the counter.

Oh my lord....just look at this piece of fish with some rice at the bottom....and the best way to eat sushi anyway is with your fingers, definitely not your chopsticks.

without soya sauce as well.

Finally the soup came, to end quite a scrumptious and luxurious lunch. The 2 slices of toro at the end were somehow the seal to mark off a wonderful delightful sushi luncheon.

Monkey was so happy and satisfied and the entire process, of coming all the way from Osaka just for this lunch was really worth it. 

and yes we had Squid for lunch and they were so yummy!!! Luncheon wasn't ending yet coz we have yet to have our dessert and tea!!!!

a slice of yubari melon was all we need. It was a clean and very refreshing luncheon, with focus on produce. Most of the sushi establishments in Japan have their very own reliable sea produce suppliers, trusted over the generation. This is Japan and this is how they worked. Father passing down his knowledge to his next generation, and this is how you keep the tradition alive. Be it an artisan painter, musicians, chefs, fishermen :)))

Hashida Sushi
3-8-11, Kachidoki, Chuo-ku,
Tokyo, Japan.
Tel: +81 3 3533 0341

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