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Nara, Nara

JS snapped this pic of me and my eyes looked so sepet and swollen.....-_-

It was my Birthday and JS asked wat does Monkey wanna do
She wanna feeds the deer
yes the silly looking deers all the way in Nara.

JS -_-"
Ok watever for you princess. It's your big day.

And so on my birthday we woke up early and arrived at the train station before 8am. Took the express train to the ancient capital of Nara. We were quite worried bcoz of the peak hours but then again on this same day, we would be heading to Nara then back to Osaka to freshen up before heading to Kyoto for watever it is, we gotta be early.
Sou des neh....
Not only he lurves capturing moments from my back, also from everyone's back. His new hobby and craze for the moment. LOL
The ancient capital of Japan is situated about 40 minutes from Osaka. If you are coming from Kyoto it's about 35 minutes. The fastest way to get here is through the Kintetsu line instead of JR plus its station is so much nearer to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
When we arrived, the "chibi maruko" crowds with their famous yellow hats were already walking like troops towards the sites. JS and Monkey tagged along like their photographer and teacher. :P Better than referring to the map, just go where they are goin...kakakaka but it's so easy to navigate here in Nara with all the road signs and maps at every single corner.
First stop - Five Storied Pagoda and Tokondo
Founded in 669 u wondered how did it withstand more than 1345 years of weather/earthquake/fire/ wear and tear
The temple is the head of Hosso sect of Buddhism in Japan. Look at the architecture, it's so well preserved and nothing of a reconstruction - unlike the Osaka Castle. Oh well silly Monkey, all UNESCO sites can't be a reconstruction, it has to be original.

Ring the bell, clap twice and awake god...
and God says wat do u want?
Monkey: "Wish me Happy Birthday!!!!" tee hee hee
You could see this building has aged really well over the thousand year. Don't they have termites here in Japan??? or the deers ate them all?
Hey did u eat all the termites?

Chibi Marukos gathered for briefing and explanation on the history of each building, its construction and structure etc. Monkey lurves to tag along school kiddos group bcoz there's so much info to be gathered but not in's diff...coz it's a foreign language. Unless my ears picked up something in english then I'll move my way to gather free info from the tour guide...kekekeke. But these days...when u've arrived on the site, just wiki it and all infos are on your phone.

Chibi Marukos were so drawn to these wild deers. Pet and pet and pet till the wild deers wanted to cry and run away....

PLEASE~~~~~ get them off me!!!!
the deers pleaded...

There were many other individuals here who came to sketch and draw.
The South Octagonal Hall known as Nan-en-do is a beauty on its own. Situated opposite the 5 storied pagoda, it's just some steps away
Remember to clean urself before entering any shrine or temples.

and the Lavatory became Labatory????
so JS was confused coz he had a nature call....of coz it's a lavatory just go!!! don't have to think twice or ask me. Otherwise go enquire from the deers where do they go pee pee and poo poo

Hello Mr. Deer...u must be a mister bcoz u've got antlers? Is that right? No? Where is the toilet? and ohhhh u are selling pink deer toys too!!! hahahahaha

JS: "stop talking to strangers!!! I mean stop talking to animals!!!"

These deers have got karate skills for they bite, kick, could knock u down and butt u with their sharp antlers. So where's ur black belt??

That particular deer could read I think....he must be wondering "What The....Tut!!!!"

Calm down fellow wild deers...on the other side of the board, u lovely people...I mean animals are also protected in a way. And mind you...all of you are protected by THE LAW...LAW.

Humans are not allowed to scare/hit/chase the wild deers. All rubbish must be dispose at designated areas. Anyway it's so difficult to find rubbish bins here not that the municipals are cutting cost but they didn't want the deers go looking for food inside these thrash bins. They are not supposed to eat human no feed allowed unless those Deer Rice Crackers that are sold by licensed vendors.

The entrance to the main sights here - Todai ji temple
Another UNESCO World Heritage building

Judging from this South Gate Entrance and its wooden structure, u'll be able to estimate that it's old....damn old actually.

Don't forget to clean urself before entering the temple :)))))))

and now please queue up...remember who's your buddy is and hold hands!!
JS and Monkey held hands and walked in with this group of Chibi Marukos.

When we were in...OMG
OH My Freaking GAWD
It's sooooooooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL

World's LARGEST wooden structure!!!!!
this pic though well taken did no justice to the building at all. The temple in real life was so much more u see sometimes a pic can't really capture the mood and emotion.

JS quick!!! our Chibi Maruko students are already doin group pic over there. We are left behind!! I don't think they fancy having 2 gaijins aka tourists in their school pic either...kakakaka.

The cast bronze Vairocana Buddha. This massive wooden structure was built in 728 to house this humongous 15 metres statue.

Soon our existence were noticeable...
opppssss.....time to move on to the next chibi maruko group JS!!!!


nope, he's not digging his nose but bitting his fingers hehehehehe

There was a huge Chibi Maruko crowd and queue over here and we went to investigate. All the tiny tots were gathered in lines to squeeze through a hole underneath a pillar of the building. The measurement of this hole/tunnel is exactly the same as the nostril of the Big Buddha. Whoever that could squeeze through would attain enlightenment in their next life.

Ohhhh I wanna squeeze through too!!!!
JS >.<I don't think the idea of me being stucked and they have to saw off this monumental thousand year old pillar off a UNESCO site in order to rescue me would be a good. :P

school field trips in Japan is a big thing. Every sights we go to, there's school children of all isn't that easy too. There's work to be done on the spot, u'll see them holding their homework answering questions on each of the monuments.

Confirmed Malaysians....coz they were speaking in a dialect that we recognised....kakakaka.

Then we headed towards the woods to see the Nigatsu do Hall and Sangatsu do hall

3 stones were stacked like this to resemble a Buddha

and Monkey was made to read out loud on the historical facts to JS
trust me, even my field trips/vacation isn't easy. I've got a lot of homework to do beforehand too.

Soon our stomachs klu klu and it was a warm Ice Cream Dorayakis!!!!
yumms~~~~~ Doraemon's favourite

Nope, this wasn't Dorayaki nor food for the's for the deers. It's sold along the road side.

It's feeding time!!!!!

JS insisted that I squat next to the deer...but they were so smellie!!!!!
why??? you messenger of Gods!!! why are u so smellie?!?!!?!?!?

JS said squat close like this!!!!!
SEE!!!! they are not smellie and so friendly.

Look!!! I have longer lashes than u Monkey!!!! and I'm a boy not even a gal.

We spooted this GIANT Frog...seriously as big as chicken. Bcoz the leaf was so huge it can't be compared with.

Nara Park is so beautiful, you could just enjoy the view and surroundings...
maybe minus all the deer poo poo which are everywhere.

JS: "MONKEY!!! Go nearer!!! not this far...they don't bite!!!"

Monkey: "But they are so smellie....*cry cry cry*"
JS: "Nearer!!! her neck won't be able to reach u!!"

JS: "NEARER!!! don't be so scared."
Monkey: "I'm not scared...she's smellie!!!!!"

Soon, their cuteness overcame their smelliness and I don't mind at all.
Hey it's my birthday u should be feeding me cakes!!!
that silly deer ate the paper wrapper as well -_- so hungry meh???

After some rice crackers...they are ready to rest....

so am tiring feeding deers.

A Monk at the train station.

So we left around noon back to Osaka for lunch and to prepare for our dinner at Kyoto :))) Will blog about it next. Thank you JS for spending a wonderful birthday with me :)))

For more information on visiting Nara, check out the below:

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