Monday, May 26, 2014

Endo Sushi, Osaka

We had been walking around the HUGE 181,094 square metre of this Osaka Wholesale Market and it's time to grab some bite...Thanks to mobile phone and world wide web, the quest for information these days is so much easier. Yeah u don't even need a map...just tap on ur phone to get your current location. I don't think I could live without my phone :)))))
Just outside the wholesale market there is a row of eateries....

JS: "Quick!! I am hungry!!! Where are u taking us?"
Monkey" "Wait la...chotte matte kudasai!!!"
Madame Monkey was trying to get the right location, and was comparing the pics on the WWW to make sure this is the one!!! U dun wanna walk into the wrong outlet expecting something else. Plus I am not ready to waste calories at the wrong sushi place.

This is the one - Endo Sushi
Currently bring run by the 4th generation. So I guess ur career is pretty much determined, if ur dad is a chef so will u? Oh well just my presumption.

So happy to see an "tourist" menu. HAHAHAHAHAHA. There are 4 different sets. Each set has got toro. So we went for Set 1 and Set suggestions would be to try all 4 coz in the end we had 3.5 plates. Hahahahaha. If you are not up to the above u could order ala carte minus the menu. As in there isn't any menu at all apart from just tell the chef in Japanese wat u want. English is limited here.

We got a nice seat at the counter which could only accommodate 8 people. This is really a compact place so try not to come with loads of shopping bags and worse luggage bags.

Condiments on the table...homemade "gari"/pickled ginger and sweet sauce

this is definitely not Shellac/varnish/coat paint for your woodworks...this is for u to paint ur sushis later. Sushi style in Osaka is very different from Tokyo. From the rice, to the cut, to the vinegar used.

Rest assured u can have decent sushis here but not the artisanal type. Just honest fresh sushi as comfort food :)))

It was only 10am but we walloped 3.5 plates. Coz the 0.5 plate was ala carte. I think we could have more but was keeping our stomachs for lunch.

It's really cheap and u get toro, abalone, sea urchin, anago and seasonal fish.

Chef-owner 3rd generation came out to say hello in his "clogs" If u think I am mighty, walking and standing in my 5 inches heels at work....look at his. I called it the Platypus clogs. It's def 4 inches high and gave this tiny chef-owner some height

The oustanding dish at this eatery was its miso soup. With loads of finely chopped mizuno stems and ginger flowers. By the way u dun really consume the tiny clams inside the soup, it's suppose to lend flavours only. :))))

4th generation, 3rd *the one who was wearing the 4 inches platypus clogs* and 2nd generation who was nowhere to be seen at the shop. Trust me when we saw 3rd generation owner, he looked exactly like his dad the 2nd generation.

so this photo is like a progression of how u gonna looked like for Mr. 4th generation hahahaha.

the 4th generation was the Chef who prepared our sushis....we sat right in front of him without realising it until Monkey was downing her soup and saw the framed photo at the top and compared his face...OH THAT"S HIM!!!

If you don't mind simple sushis esp after a tiring walk around the market *if you are walking the entire place* this is the eatery to go to. Simple, honest, fuss free with tradition held high.

Monkey: "JS I am so full and tired...let's kidnap this scooter, plus it's pink :)))"
JS: "Please get off ppl's property -_-"

They have another branch at Keihan Mall.

Endo Sushi

Osaka Municipal Wholesale Market
1-1-86 Noda,

Osaka, Japan.

Tel: +81 6 6469 7108
Opens: Mon-Sat 5am to 2pm
Closed: Sundays and Holidays

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