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New Year 2014 Celebration at the V's

We were invited for a new year countdown dinner over at the V's....should I say Vs' coz there's 3 Vs in total....Victor, Viola and Vivian

Perched at the top of Bkt Tunku, with unobstructed views....their residence is the highest lookout point for such a spectacular celebration. Basically u get to see 360*C of the entire KL and Klang Valley right up to Genting Highlands...

The Host Victor was so bz pouring wines for everyone the entire evening. I hope he had enuff to drink as well. Moving from floors to floors, it was a good workout for Victor.

He insisted that everyone wears a pair of hotel slippers. Definitely not that we are dirtying his home...but bcoz we are walking about everywhere form the grass patches to the poolside to the luxe wooden flooring I guess he didn't want us to dirty ourselves :P

Victor is quite anal. But I was worse...
"I only wear St. Regis slipper."
Victor: "No problem, I'll get them for u."
it was a not-so-funny joke anymore when Victor returned with a FEMALE Velvety St. Regis slipper.
came complete with a white ribbon on top.
"I was just joking Victor but thank you very much."

moral of the story, don't ask for the sky when u are at ppl's home. Just be polite and don't trouble the already super busy host running from ground floor all the way up to 3rd floor.

The other hostess Viola, Victor's sister :))))
ever bubbly and jovial. I m seeing her less now bcoz of her busy hectic schedule. Viola makes such a great hostess, making sure everyone is well fed but she herself left her plate untouched most of the time. This was bcoz she's alwiz MIA from her table her seat...alwiz on the other tables making sure everyone had a great time.

The V's mommy dearest...I couldn't find pic of Vivian in the camera though :(

I told V's mommy dearest they have such a beautiful home, esp its view. But, their mommy dearest said it's OK....
IT'S OK???
wat do you mean it's only OK?????

Monkey: "So tell me what kind of view u like?"
The V's mommy dearest: "I like sea view."

oh-oh Victor..time to build another home :P

Once all the guests arrived and seated, dinner was served. Catered from Noble House, the MasterChef and his entire crew cooked up a storm at the V's 3 humongous kitchen. I think there's 3 kitchens :P Every dish was prepared from scratch in the kitchen.

First course of appetizer served was their signature fried oyster, cripsy on the outside and succulent soft juicy fresh bite on the inside.

on the other side of the plate was scallop served with thin crispy lotus root with homemade sauce. Another signature of noble house.

each platter came with tiny cute purplish flower. Just set the mood for our celebration :)))

But nothing sets more MOOD than this!!!!!
BAHAHAHAHA just the first round of wines and champagnes that we had. Someone was asking where did the KRUG came from and where did the David L'ecpart came from!!! HEHEHEHE this is wat we called...bring-your-own (BYO). No corkage after all :P

Only our table has got a few rare gems. We are really selfish but it's not enuff to pass around to more than one table!!!!!

Monkey and Ai Leen

It has been a while and mutual friends brought us together again. The world is really small u know, and we just realised we were kinda neighbours, staying so close to each other.

"We could have car-pooled!!!!"

Next dish was my favourite from Noble House
when we were staying a walking distance away from Noble House a few years ago, Monkey could just have this for dinner. :P

Double boiled shark fins with abalone and fish maw
it's not just any shark fins soup but this one came with a special greenish sauce which was pretty addictive - consisted of palm sugar, coriander, lime and fish sauce.

JS informed this is actually very Thai. Later the waitress came and said it's a Thai style shark fins soup. Oh OK, but I don't get this in Thailand :P

By the time we were done with this generous serving of soup, we were pretty filled esp with champagnes and wines.

Next course, another signature of Fried Fish served with a tangy pomelo sauce at the bottom.

Dr. Epicurean was asking us to hold our drinks, and save some champagnes to pair with this dish. Guess we drank too fast.....we were moving on to red wines by then.

a bottle of Cote-Rotie for this charcoal grilled spare ribs
aaaAAAAAAaaaaaaaa, very toasty :))))
me love~~~~

Dr. JS and Wenda
yes that's another JS hahahaha. This time Wenda was early and didn't miss any dish. Due to her hectic schedule she usually joins in for desserts only. Poor Gal!!!

Are all ppl in MEDICINE this busy?????

Monkey, Ai Leen and Dr. Epicurean

the other super bz person in medicine was Dr. Epicurean...he came straight from the operating theatre
-_-" why am I not surprised? I guess tonite when I meet him for dinner, it will be the same modus operandi.

"U looked stress, drink more."
Dr. Epicurean: "Yes I came straight from the hospital."
"It's New Year's Eve!!!"

yeah I shouldn't be a selfish bitch, there's precious LIVES to be saved.

Lap Mei Farn!!!
When u see this dish, u know Chinese New Year is just around the corner!!! It was really yummy and everyone had second helpings.

After this dish, everyone seemed to be MIA from their seat. Leaving poor desserts alone on the table, but I must say the coconut pudding wasn't fantastic.

Everyone went to the highest floor and booked their best spot for the Fireworks to begin!!!

Wenda and myself managed to squeeze in. Coz there's about 30 of us :P leaving the poor HOST and HOSTESS with no place to stand!!!!

Soon the fireworks started, from Kepong on our left to PJ on the right...KL was in the middle...If we wanna view fireworks from Publika we need to head to the other balcony.

Once the 8 minutes fireworks were done...everyone was bz with phone. Uploading pics on FB, Twitter, Instagram and wishing friends etc~~~~

He must be telling a joke coz that got us laughing hysterically

acting casual~~~~~

Who was this who came late?

our WineLord aka Alcoholic Anonymous ST

He came with his lovely wife Pearly and the Boys!!!! We had a great time in Ipoh a few weeks ago. The boys are like identical prints of their mom and dad. One each, fair and square.

Once he's here, our wine buffet started.
New Year celebration requires outstanding wines don't we?

but Tony-San and Dr. Epicurean were so serious about their wines....ALWIZ~~~~
Hai!!! Wakarimasu~~~~

"MOmmmmmyyyyyyyyy, can we go home yet?"
the mommy was so farnie...their home was really nearby on the same hill....she said can roll back first.

Hey Kiddos, we don't get to see each other this often so let's spend more time together. Afterall u are all going back to Australia come February!!! and guess wat? School starts!!! *horror faces*
during their first visit to The V's residence, they were so excited running around telling their dad wat a cool friend they have because he owns the entire condo
Their dad >.<
"Sorry my kids are very kampung."

Hey mate, enjoy your ski-ing trip and makan!!!! see you guys soon when u are back :))))

Okie as I browsed through the pics, there's just too many pics of ppl with wine glasses. We should start a alcoholic anonymous club here instead of Food and Wine Society.

Later the guests adjourned downstairs to the kitchen for supper of Nasi Lemak!!!! Bahahahaha. We were at the breakfast area, sipping the last bit of wines and packs after packs of nasi lemak with some slices of cakes. Oh well technically after it's past midnite it's Breakfast right? :P

Then it's the wifey's turn
Pearly: "Hun, we need to go....."

Alcoholic Anonymous ST: "A lil while more ok."
despite the spacious home, with so many couches lying around at each floor, each room....he didn't take any naps in between for ST is known to take "breaks" in between his drinking  session.

Such a lovely family :))))) and it was already 2am :P
they insisted they must have a family pic before they with normal face and the other with angry/funny face. HAHAHAHAHA. Their mom trained them well to cam-whore

we stayed on a lil longer and continued our "buffet" :P

Lovely thanks to Victor and Viola for hosting such a beautiful celebration at your beautiful residence. Looking forward to see both of you again for more makan and minum :)))

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