Monday, January 27, 2014

An afternoon with Sergio Rossi

Ta-DA!!!! cupcake decorated by Yours Truly :P
It wasn't the prettiest of the lot among all the distinguished guests, hahahaha my creativity juice is pretty limited in certain extend. That really depends on wat I like. After splashing some colors and decos on top of this yummylicious Red Velvet Cupcakes, Monkey donated hers to Wenda. She had so much fun decorating hers, beads by beads, lining them up to the milimetres.

Last week, Sergio Rossi held an afternoon tea in Starhill Gallery in their duplex boutique. Unveiling all the new collections for 2014, there's more than eye candy to see. One can never step in without leaving with a pair of shoes.

As for Monkey, I've only own 2 pairs of really serious looking Sergio in this superb green. I hardly have green pumps and thought why not? Browsing through my shoes closet, I realised most of my recent purchases were in patent leather. Oh well I was thinking since I've spent so much on a pair of shoes, might as well get it in a hardy easy to clean materials right?

The other pair that I have was in blue patent leather as well. Yeah I know really boring and safe designs when u can have so many choices and beautiful creations from Sergio Rossi. Oh well when it comes to shoes for work, it must be safe and "normal" like these...hehehehe.

Even Mr. JS has got funkier looking Sergio Rossi sneakers than I do. -_-"
*he's quite vain u know?*

do take sometime off your Monday Blues and browse their websites for more eye candy.

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