Monday, May 27, 2013

Ipoh our Food Haven

The first meal that we had once we arrived Ipoh at 8.00am

in case u were wondering what was's a bowl of yummy crispy Roast Pork, Peeled prawns, Sweet Char Siew, steamed free range kampong chicken, succulent chicken feet, and fat juicy Ipoh Beans Sprout at the bottom....hahahaha...and plenty of spare parts too.

yes this was for the Curry Mee
last weekend was a long one, so we took the advantage and drove down to Ipoh on Friday....just for a short weekend getaway. Since JS needed to blast off and tee off at the golf course by 9.00am sharp, we headed down early in the morning. Oh well the usual time when we departed home from work. Yes I go to work at 6.30am, in case u were wondering.....and no I am not a teacher though my birthday falls on Teacher's Day.

and again.... No... I am not trying to achieve Employee of the Century award...because I alwiz believe that early bird avoids the worm...kakakaka..yes I just wanna avoid the early morning traffic jam.

that big bowl of yummy meat came with this dry curry meehoon
oh well I am not a yellow noodle person so I had rice noodle instead. Lighter and easier to digest.

laden with pork lard and crispy bits, topped with intense curry sauce, dark soya sauce and some secret sauce....basically u can just dip ur meat with this concoction.

Ipoh has got 3 curry mee that we love, but this time around, we didn't have the time nor tummy capacity to eat all 3 at one go. Well since the men needed to tee off and Monkey needed her massage. Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho.....

Find out more about this curry mee place *Click Here to read*
then last nite after all the yummy food @ Ipoh, we dashed back home to KL for another yummy dinner at Peakie D's home.

Crab Curry and homemade Thosai!!!
oh to die for...
GOSH!!!! I can't see my feet anymore.....the tummy is huge...

I am PREGNANT!!! with FATS!!!!!

all 3 months of it..
have yet to recover from France trip and now more to come.
Yes I know, we just got back from France and here we go trotting around Malaysia again. This week, Monkey is flying again.....see wat I mean when I said I can't have pets nor plants nor kids.

Woohoooo it's Monday....weekend is just erm...a few days away. :))))))))
Have a good one folks!!!


Chasing Food Dreams said...

so shiok curry mee! booking this down for my visit when I pass through Ipoh!!

CHER-RY said...

oh yes u must!!! really really shiok :)))))