Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Le Saint James *2 Michelin Stars*, Bouliac

JS booked us at this exceptional property for dinner....yes just for dinner...
if we are staying here that would be perfect HO HO HO HO HO

no I am not asking for the sky, this place is beautiful!!!! Situated about 20 minutes from the capital Bordeaux, it overlooked the Garonne River over to Bordeaux. Listed under one of the exceptional property by Relais & Chateau.

We have only stayed at a few Relais & Chateau properties before....each and every property was charming, very personalised, discrete and oh-la-la-la-la...makes u felt so so pampered.

That reminds me, I have yet to blog about another Relais & Chateau hotel we stayed in Champagne a few months ago....super nice...they even have turn down service for my lil hobbits. :)))))))

The view!!!!!
see wat I meant!!!! sparse green land of beautiful vineyard....the Garonne River...then u can spot the taller buildings such as the cathedral.

we spent the evening watching the Sun sets :)))))))

We got a really nice and beautiful table by the window, with no obstruction at all. Therefore u can have such spectacular the sun sets at 9.08pm so we have the entire evening to watch the playful lights of dusk.

when such playful Amuse Bouche was presented, what do u have in mind?
usually it's the break it or make it impression thingy. Since amuse bouche is the first dish/tantalizer you gonna serve to ur diners, it has to make impressionssssssss...
so does dessert...the first and the last usually leave very deep memories in your palate and mind.

It was rather impressive but then again it's all about taste....
the goat cheese lollies was cute and no one on the table knows how to consume it.

Monkey: "U just lift it up and push it!!!! Don't tell me all of u never have that Lolly which u can blow whistle on?"
All of them gave me blank faces.

Monkey: "Ok confirmed u people are not 80s babies!!!!"
I had so much of those while growing up....:P

When it was first presented on the table, I thought the lil white tube was a fake prop stucked onto the looked like my Shu Uemura glue for my lashes :P

Later we were told to squeeze it into our food
really playful but in terms of taste it was full of Umami-ness....this is definitely confirmed Modern French :)))))))))))

A beautiful appetizer on a glass bowl
not only it looked was very yummy!!!!

Underneath all those yummy foam were fresh peas
I can't tell you how delicious fresh peas's a revelation!!! Guess spring time is alwiz about fresh green produce huh? :)))) there was a tiny bits of thin bacon, wished there's more...I can alwiz substitute popcorns for movies with these crispy bits.

Scampi prepared 2 ways....lightly battered and lightly fried like a tempura
it was so delicate that when u sink ur teeth in, the jus and roe were bursting in ur mouth. With freshness from green apple jelly and caviar inside!!! What a lovely surprise.

That brown colored dollop was sauce was so intense and it tasted exactly like prawn head roe...oh it must be it!!!!

There were a huge selection of bread and this round one was so so so so so yummy
I Ching chose it first while I took the black olive bread. She let me tried some and it was like eating Twisties Curry flavour, with crunchy corn bits!!!! before I was done chewing the only bite stolen from I Ching, my hands were raised asking for the bread basket to be delivered again to our I can have one piece on my own...hahahahah

I couldn't remember the name of the fish that we had...but it was so delicately done!!!!
all doused with seasonal mushrooms it was pretty earthy. Paired so well with the wines.

It's alwiz a treat to have these babies :))))))
We had the privilege to visit Chateau Haut-Brion, one of the 5 First Growth in Bordeaux. JS will blog about this visit soon :)))))

the Main course was PORK!!!!
we went ecstatic hahahahhaaha....when the special gastronimique menu was chosen - meaning you eat wat chef cooked...the Waitress asked if we were allergic to any kind of food...and our usual answer would be....fingers pointing at JS and said...he doesn't take Chicken/Duck/Birds/Pigeon/Patridge etc


anyway back to the pork...look at the fats lining the meat....
the carrot was so straight and symmetry. we then analyzed that they must have cut it with a tubular cutter to make it this perfect.

the cheese cart looked so tempting....but our other dearie friends don't take we'll skip it this time around. Bcoz they can't stand the smell.

anyhow we bought so much of cheese back to Malaysia.....both JS and Monkey have been enjoying them everyday after dinner. It's definitely better than eating Durian LOL!!!!!

the first installation of many desserts to come. This one was made from cheese...hahahahha

Meringue with exotic fruits gelee
really refreshing :))))))))))

You know it's so difficult to make desserts this detailed and fine
I didn't wanna eat them bcoz it's so pretty!!!!!

a deconstructed Mille Feuile
oh so light and yet complex. Lurve the crunch, texture and taste :))))
all of the desserts came in small bites.

sugar for coffee in Canele form!!!! so cute!!!!
Where can I get these?
I don't see them at the usual gourmet sugar supplier - Canasuc

and our petit four was served on this lil wheelie white dish
lemon bites, chocolate mousse and creme puffs
U have no idea how tiny and cute they on earth do u make these so effortlessly?

after dinner, we had a sneak peek of their kitchen. But it's already almost midnite and everyone's cleaning their work station. It's not big but it's so complete and tidy with jars of condiments and spices.

Le Saint James have got a cooking school too if you are interested :)))))))))

its corridor was decked with art pieces from a french artist :))))))))
such novelty of staying here :))))))))

we had lil souvenirs to be brought home too

Anyway we were staying at a really nice hotel as well back in Bordeaux
it is the best and grandest but what we love most was its LOCATION!!!! bahahahaha. Right smack in the centre dot of the city. Everything was within walking distance - to the park, to the river, to the bazaar, to the main sights and attraction, to the other restaurants and main attractions.

Thank you to Flatmate Amy for booking us here. :))))))))) U are such a lucky gal to stay here for WORK!!!! Don't think my boss will enjoy looking at my bills if I stayed in fancy hotels like this for work :P bahahahahaha

Le Saint James Restaurant *2 Michelin Stars*
3 Place Camille Hostein,
33270 Bouliac,

Bordeaux, France.
Tel: +33 (0)5 5797 0600


Chasing Food Dreams said...

impressive Amuse bouche... so much effort for the amuse bouche!!
The food looks really different and impressive here...

and yes, I also had the lolly during when I was younger though I am not a 80s baby... lol

CHER-RY said...

Hello Food Dreams, how have u been? U are not a 80s baby and u've had it? Shows that u were a happening one :))))