Friday, April 19, 2013

The Dark Side

I look forward to see you......but before that I must suffer a bit...
just for a bit....
and I do hope you are worth it

packing my bags now!!!!! but with the erratic weather in Europe I don't know how to pack.

"Hello my dearie colleague at the Swiss Alps, how's the weather there?"
"It's still snowing mon cherie.....brrrRRRrrr....."

What??? in April?

and when I inquired from South western frenchie
"Oh we have lots of soleil here!!! about 25*C!!!"

how to pack???
and then there's working clothes, dresses for cocktails and parties, my casual laid back cowboy wear and even more laid back apparels to visit vignerons....

so we are really visiting the dark side this time around :))))
looking forward to it, and again I must suffer for a bit.....
*trying to be positive*

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