Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sushi Hinata @ St. Mary Residence

MW Maho warned me.....don't visit until she has done her "works" of negotiating and refining this place....but I'm a pretty stubborn Monkey....What's more when this place is just around the corner of my Monkey decided to drop by for lunch...

Amuse bouche of japanese radish with shoyu and seaweed

MW Maho, if you are reading this....please be a lil quick with your "works" bcoz I need this place to be refined before it's gonna be my regular lunch hangout. MW Maho hailed from let the japanese negotiate with the other japanese in Japanese.

I guess when you speak their mother tongue, you'll get special preferential treatment and ingredients :)))

Sushi Hinata specialises only in sushi...
the original outlet is based in Japan and this is the first and only sushi outlet outside their home country.

When I asked the Japanese how good is this place...she said it's as good as KameSushi and can be better...but then again no one in Malaysia can be compared with Shinji Kanesaka in Singapore. Oh my...that's like a sushi heaven. If I'm based in Singapore with deep pocket, Shinji will be my canteen.

Taking Singapore out of the picture, currently the best sushi place in town are these two - Kamesushi and now this Sushi Hinata. Anyway palate is so subjective, I am sure there are other awesome sushi places in town which we have yet to explore but I would love to trust my japanese Tokyoite friend :))

soft silky smooth velvety steamed egg custard with a dollop of salmon roe
it was really smooth
and light :))))

Hana set

Told ya it's a sushi place....nothing else..
just pure Zen sushis :))))))))

We came here for lunch and there's a few menu to choose from:
Yuki - almost like a japanese Bentou
Tsuki - 8 pieces of sushis
Hana - 10 pieces of sushis
Mini Kaiseki

as for dinner:
Kiku - 9 pieces of sushis
Sakura - 12 pieces of sushis
Hinata - Traditional Japanese full course menu

This was the Tsuki set
Hinata used whole piece of pickled ginger instead of the usual thinly sliced type.

 warm bowl of miso soup after all the sushis :)))))))))

 Another friend ordered this Yuki set
That's a lot of FOOD for those few of us :))))))

 and finally a simple mango pudding dessert

I really look forward to the dinner menu in the coming near future.
Lunch was OK but not fantastic, since this place is new I will definitely give it another try :)))

Sushi Hinata
A-0-1, St.Mary Residence,
Jalan Tengah, Off Jalan Raja Chulan,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2022 1349

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