Tuesday, April 02, 2013

JS's Freaking Awesome Fish Head Curry

the most awesome and ultimate fish head curry can be found at.....
MY HOME :))))))))))))
I am the luckiest housemate ever *I know :)))) don't be jeles*

While I was wikipedia-ing the origin of this dish, I was not surprise at all that Singapore.....oh yes...SINGAPORE again laid claim that fish head curry was invented in Singapore.
well apart from laksa, crab mee hoon, yee sang, *and soon nasi lemak and satays* I really don't know what else is from Singapore.

Doesn't matter where they are from.....as long as it's yummy and worth every single calories. :))))
oh well, my philosophy in life, if I am gonna put calories into my body, it better be damn worth it because as we age, it's getting too difficult to burn them -_-"

say this HUGE platter of a HUGE fish head curry hahahahaha
it was so awesome I whacked everything and mopped the gravy clean :)))) heeeeee

I can see the sharp teeth of this fish......hehehehehehe don't bite me ya...coz I'm gonna bite ur eyes off ur soft sweet cheek baby!!!!!

actually fish head curry is really healthy
no coconut cream no milk no fat no sugar etc
JS pounded his curry powder concoction from scratch with turmeric, mustard seed, cumin seed and god knows wat.....but the smell was so so so seductive. I was perpetually glued to the glass door at the dry kitchen trying to sniff watever that can seep through the glass door from the wet kitchen.

Monkey was in such hurry and decided to have dinner at 5.30pm
JS -_-" the answer is NO we'll eat at our usual time
Monkey continued to roll on the sofa whining she's hungry!!!!!
I think the smell was so good, my neighbours wished they were invited for dinner.....hahahahaha

and finally DINNER WAS SERVED!!!!!
I had half a fish head to meself :))))
with loads of pre-fried brinjals and okras

"May I eat with my hand? puhhhlleaaassseee???
JS -_- sigh........he was so restless with me.....

Oh yummmsss gobble gobble nom nom nom
finger licking good :))))

I don't normally do this...but good things must be shared. Here u go....JS's Fish Head Curry
500g fish or fish head
1 large onion, sliced
4 pips garlic, sliced
2 green chillies, whole
2 sprigs curry leaves
8 lady's fingers/okra
1 tomato, cut into 6
Tamarind juice half cup
Spices for frying; 1/4 tsp.cumin seeds, 1/4 tsp.fennel seeds, 1/4 tsp.
mustard seeds, 1/4tsp. urad dal [black pea dal and optional], 1/2 tsp.
fenugreek [halba]

In a grinder or mill----4 1/2 Tbsp fish curry powder, 2 to 3 Tbsp chilli powder, 1/2 tsp.kunyit powder, 3(or maybe more) stems coriander leaves n some water. The grinding is to make the curry mixture finer n smoother.

Method; In a pot, heat 4 Tbsp.oil. Put in the spices n curry leaves. When the mustard seeds start popping add the onion n garlic. Fry until the onion becomes slightly brown, add the grounded curry mixture. Stir over low heat, add water if the curry gets too dry. This is important, keep stirring until the oil appears. This should take about 7 mins. Add more water, allow to boil n add the okra n tomato. When the okras are slightly soft, add the fish n tamarind juice. Taste for salt. Finally
throw in the green chillies n coriander leaves. Cover n turn off the fire.

1.Grinding the coriander stem/leaves and making it part of the paste is special. The curry
has this herbaceous nose!
2. Green chillies at the end of the process is a must. It gives that green peppery nose
which is lovely for seafood curry.
3. Stirring the paste until oil emerges on the surface of the curry is a technique. Must

I just copied and pasted from his Nerdie Recipe Notes inside his iPad.
So if u have any questions, please leave a comment here and JS will attend to your questions. Monkey is too bz and she doesn't cook anyway *useless!!!*

after the yummy meal....I was clapping so happily with my dirty-curry-laced-finger-licking-good hands...hahahaha...Encore encore!!! can u we have it again tomorrow???

JS let out a BIG SIGH!!! AHHHH!!!! grrrrrrrRRRRRrrrrrrrrr~~~~~~

Happy Cooking folks!!!


neil said...

That does look super awesome! Is there anything that JS can't cook? :P

Chasing Food Dreams said...

awesome! neil is right.. is there anything JS can't cook?? you both are just so perfect, one loves to eat, one loves to cook!

CHER-RY said...

Hehehehehehe I really don't know wat he can't cook. But he has yet to cook Hainannese Chicken Rice for me :))