Monday, January 21, 2013

Indian cookout with Roomies

In conjunction with Pongal and Thaipusam, we celebrated these 2 important indian festivals with an indian cookout....nah..guess we needed an "Excuse" to indulge and EAT

JS was so excited at the prospect 2 weeks earlier, when the date was set, he was bz scribbling the ingredients listing of 1,001 spices to be purchased for this cookout.

FYI: JS grinds his own chilis and concoct his own curry powder...dun even ask me how....that makes sense why we needed a proper spice inventory in the pantry
*file pic taken back in 2010*
Now I totally understand why he made me do this a few years ago...
Monkey were to find out the names of each and every spices in both English and Bahasa. In Malaysia when these 2 languages were used interchangeably, most recipes used either one of the language. From there I learnt to different between Jintan Manis *Fennel* and Jintan Putih *Cumin*

his spice inventory consist of everything in 2 version.....powder form and original format
so to "giling" one type of curry powder, it used up to a few different types of spices
*you can read about our spice project here*

Mee Mee brought some fried Vadais....
I guess this was the only dish that was prepared/cooked at home....oh and pappadums, which was again bought.

a week towards the luncheon, Monkey asked her dearie friends to fried some pappadums and bring over....but none of them really cook and they ended up buying instead...."so much easier lar"

JS: "None of ur friend can cook nor fry pappadum?????" in a shocked tone
Monkey: "Haiya got ppl bringing just shuddup and eat...sometimes it's not about skills but TIME to fry them!!"
JS: "But it's so easy peasy......."
Monkey: "Ok then u fry!!!"
JS: "Ok ok OK let them bring/buy."

simple Tomato, Red Onions, Coriander salsa with some lime juice
very appetizing :))))

the big hit was this simple Mango Salsa with about the same ingredient as the above....of chopped red onions, coriander, mint leaves with lime juice.
All the salsa to be eaten with pappadums :))))))))))

Soon all my guests arrived in Indian themed attire including Baby Rei!!!!
He was telling us this is "Lat Jiao. Lat Jiao is Chili"
smart lil 2.8 years old boy :)))

Yeah I dunno how to deco my table...just throw some banana leaves around...and the remainder of JS's cooking ingredients, all sprawled nicely :)))))

Shell Shell was bored and pretended to be a Chili Vampire hahahhahaahha
She wore this beautiful turquoise Punjab top and matching pants in white

Cool chill Cucumber Raita with fresh yogurt and toasted cumin seeds
think I threw in some mint leaves innit as well. Monkey made all the salsa and non-meat dishes. And most of them used the same ingredients - chili, lime juice, spices, red onions, coriander leaves, mint I can't really remember what I threw in which bowl...

As I was bz chopping, I just mix watever I like into whichever bowls I wanted
lalalalalalalalaalalala....the joy of "cooking" hahahahahha

JS's famous Pork Rib dry curry
the meat was so so tender bcoz he braised them in turmeric for 2 hours and u'll be surprise that the other spices and chili powder and curry leaves were thrown in last. The key is not to boil ur curry like a volcano bcoz all the properties, taste and dimension of the spices would be gone in the heat.

Chicken Dopiaza was the favourite bcoz it's sweet. Actually this one is a Northern Indian cuisine.
You can try cooking it at the recipe *here*
Really easy and fast....the shortcut is go and buy ready made and prepared spices.

Stir Fried Okra with loads of spices and I spotted him cooking with Ghee
GAH!!!!!! Ghee is clarified butter used mainly in Indian cooking

Lastly the Lemon Spiced Rice was really good too!!!!
but I'm not a fan...I prefer white rice to go with all my beautiful curries
however my guests whacked the pot of Lemon Spiced Rice and another pot of White Rice

I'm not complaining bcoz we need to clear all the food and not have any leftovers at home....hehehehe coz we are leaving for another short holiday this week :))))))))))))

U hungry yet looking at them? Coz I am :)))))
Pappadums brought by Nee Lee...
only complaint was it's not spicy enuff coz we didn't know the level of spiciness for all of our guests so JS made them the future we can push the lever of the spicy chart 5 notch higher...wuahahahahaha....and our ass would be on fire the following day. :P

Monkey made a simple Watermelon, lime and vodka granitas to kill the spiciness but looks like we didn't need any antidote at all....hahahahaha
Roomies were saying this isn't Indian but actually I found it in an Indian Recipe Book :P
But it's a good thirst quencher :)))))

Baby Jae talking to Monkey
Since we dun have any India attire, we have to wear indian colors....namely purple, orange, fuchsia, electric blue etc

Lemon Pound Cake
Okie I made this and it's not Indian :P

Monkey's 2013 resolution is to learn a new recipe each week....and this cake was the allocation of last week's by the end of the year I should have learnt/made 52 NEW things. So far so good, I've already done 3 this for each week. Yes Monkey will post them up to share with u my lovely readers....including the recipe as well of wat I've made and learn.

Baby Rei is a natural at this....with good posture and he was actually reading from my books. Nobody taught him this....Guess it's time to send him for lessons? But definitely do not send him to me....I've gotten so many request to teach children but it's better for them to have proper educators and not a Monkey like me :P

Monkey and Nee Lee....
Nee Lee looked so shocked and Monkey with her usual -_- face
My table was full of banana leaves, chilis and lemon....hahahahaha

The only almost-Indian accessories I found at home was a set of fuchsia and gold bangles in different materials at home...We should have continued our lunch with some Indian dance as well :))))

as the adults were bz catching up....Baby Jae decided to test the strength of his new 4 lil tooth!!! ngaum ngaum ngaum~~~~~~

Roomies I hope all of you had a whale of time :))))
Till the next cookout and TQ for finishing most of our food hehehehehe
*except I still have shitload of watermelon granitas in my freezer >.<*

Thank you to JS for cooking all the yummy food :))))


licheng said...

Food looks so good and colorful, full of flavor.

CHER-RY said...

Thank you Kindy Chai. Wished u were here :))))

Chasing Food Dreams said...

yummy!! I love Indian food, especially Northen ones... its really so nice to have theme parties....

p/s: that spice rack is fantabulous! Salute....

Anonymous said...

Nice lar the food. Feel like dining in Curry Leaf House. I like your spice inventory. So organized.

neil said...

Yummiest ever! Thank you Tee Ree & Bee Ree :X

CHER-RY said...

Food Dreams and Melissa: Thank you :))) yes it was a great mini spice rack project assigned to Monkey. After 2 years, it's still very well maintained :D

Nee Lee: Ok our next theme is Italian :)))

mef said...

Hi Cherry & JS,

Rather than deep frying the papadums, we usually cook it on a non stick pan. Healthy papadums and still crunchy.

BTW the food looks great.

CHER-RY said...

Hello Mef :)))

How's down under?? or way way way under? :))) Summer is approaching over there but I guess weather in NZ is pretty mild during summer?

cook it on a non-stick pan? like how? my shortcut lazy way is to run it over open gas fire. -_-

Mef said...

Hi Cherry,

Pretty good summer this year. Guess it's mild compared to Malaysia. High over here is around 24-25C.

We just place the popadum straight onto the pan and it will cook and crisps up. Running it over the gas fire is good too except it tends to burn too easily

LianneK said...

I´m so going to steal JS´s recipe. He is such a passionate cook! I wish I have his patience and determination - please do tell him .. respekt aus Deutschland. Thats how the locals say it here ;-) As for you lil mademoiselle, you´re doing really fine there :-D

CHER-RY said...

Mef: Okie dokie we will try that the next round. Less mess prollie :))

All About Yum: hey babe!!! how is it going over there? U gonna prep up some CNY dishes? :)))