Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Segovia, Spain

*pic stolen from the Web*

They said pics can be deceiving but it was this exact pics that made me visited Segovia...hehehehe. My curious mind was bobbing inside...what was that??? so beautiful!!! I must go!!!!
*more pics stolen fr the Web :P*

further searches lead me to more beautiful pics of this medieval city
The name Segovia means City of Victory and it was believed that Segovia was the the very same spot where battle between Mettelus and Hirtuleius back in 75 BC....yeah let's do some maths...2013 + 75 = 2088 years ago.
Since it's only 30 mins by fast train....really really fast high speed train as Segovia is about 90km from Madrid...
Wow if Malaysia has that sort of train I can go home from work place with a high speed train in less than 5 minutes hahahaha.

Thank you to JS, Saint Veeny and Dinos the Great for accompanying Monkey for this expedition. Coz none of them knows what lies ahead......neither do I. And all innocence my sheeps and lambs hopped into the fast train with Monkey that Sunday morning. Awaiting for adventures...hehehehe..Well when u travel with Monkey, rest be assured there's plenty of fun and new things to be discovered :)))

After the short comfortable train ride, we arrived at Segovia. It looked barren to us, bcoz we couldn't see anything beyond the slopes and mountains....just green green grass and moo moo cows. The innocence sheeps and lambs then followed Monkey and hopped onto the shuttle bus to get to the medieval city.

*another aerial view pic stolen from the web*

and when our shuttle bus finally reached the top of the mountain, holy molly we can see what's behind it...valleys and valleys of tiny houses and there lies the City of Segovia. Soon my contingent of innocence sheeps and lambs began to bleat baaaaaahhh what is this beautiful place?????

our lil shuttle bus dropped us at the bottom of this huge aqueduct.
It's really huge trust me....I have no idea how did they build this. Built around the 1st century with no machinery...u go figure..

Soon tiny sheeps and lambs started snapping pics
hahaha that includes Monkey

then we started our ascend up the ancient city. With no maps and compass and guidance...we set our eyes on the dome of Segovia Cathedral.

since it's still very early in the morning....none of the shops were open yet...
Don't forget this is Spain...on a Sunday morning. They partay hard.

so beautiful in person - the Cathedral of Segovia
built not too long ago...around 1525, this cathedral was dedicated to the Virgin Mary

The architecture is very Gothic
since it was a very very very extremely cold and windy morning...all the sheeps and lambs baaaaaaah their way into the cathedral.

WOW it's even more beautiful on the inside!!!!!
so tall and spacious~~~~~
All these were standing tall for more than 500 years???
with beautiful stained glass depicting the story of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary

The Dome looked so small here....bcoz everything else were huge!!!!!

Iglesia de San Estaban

with the bell tower....
we had a bonus bcoz as we were down the tower snapping striked 10 *I think*

Soon we slowly moved down the small alleys to the Alcazar....
it's so clean!!!!

So beautiful and so lush right???
I can sit here all day :))) but my contigent of lambs and sheeps are baaaaah-ing at me to move on

it was then I decided to play sorcerer...

"Sheeps and Lambs....u better be good...or I'll turn to Sky black with thunder and lightning and all of you would be so afraid...very very afraid...."
look at the sky!!!! hahahahahaha

There were paths leading down for the curious ones to explore...

Next we arrived at the end of the city....the Alcazar
This is the very same castle that inspired Walt Disney's Cinderella Castle

oh my oh my and We were here!!!!!

Nope, definitely not my Prince Charming....hahahahaha

and not my Knight on Horse
all the equipments were very very heavy including the long spear/weapon he's holding...
Gosh how do u even have the energy to fight when all were consumed and used just for handling these stuffs.

The room for the King and Queen
such beautiful stained glass

a courtyard with a fountain in the middle
You can see one of its fort tower from here

From the Queen's chamber, we have such a spectacular view over the valley
wow!!!! waking up everyday to such views

There's a monastery in between these yellow hue trees
autumn is such a beautiful time to visit Europe huh?

I'm tiny~~~~~~ or the trees are huge?

Dinos the Great and Saint Veeny
my sheep and lamb for the day.....baaaaaaaaaa

JS my other sheep hehehehe

We walked around the city and had a lovely lunch, which I'll post soon

Finally we decided to trace the beginning of the aqueduct
it's so small at the beginning

before it headed outta the castle into the city
wow!!! I think it's at least a few stories high

Eppy Eppy Monkey :))))))
yeah I'm such a hoolingan...never seen an aqueduct before

If you are in make time to visit Segovia..
Totally worth its beautiful sights :)))))))

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