Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wine Clearance Dinner with M People

Dining room all set for 10 serious adults
whom drove all the way across the causeway to assist JS & Monkey to clear their wine cellar
coz we weren't drinking fast enuff

J&J inc delivered more inventory fr Singapore that very same day
J&J Jelina: "Eh we r drinking 5 bottles tonite...and we just delivered 24 bottles....this isn't right leh..." this rate...the cellar is growing again....
u guys need to come down more often.
the lounge at Cilantro
nice comfy underground lounge for smoking and private function
we had the room downstairs that came with this :)))))))
we were early to prepare the wines
JS arranged everything in order and gave instructions to the Quiet Sommelier on wat to do
he's the quietest sommelier I've ever met before...dun think we ever spoke to each other
different frequency perhaps??

JS came eppy-ly to me: "I strike TOTO today!!!"

Monkey: "why?"
JS: "Finally Quiet Sommelier spoke to me!!!!"
Monkey rolled eyes.......yea yea...
well as a sommelier u need to be able to engage with your diners
anyway that's another long story, I dun want this place to be a complaint centre~~~~~
Chef Takashi....I think when u r back home...I'll be in Tokyo already :)))))))
*counting days.....arghhhh faster come!!!!!*
then our guests came - the M People
all came with wine notes, cameras and a HUGE APPETITE
Choco Markie lurve his bread and Truffle Butter
he's only 4 years old and as tall as a 7 year-old!!!!
I dun believe it!!!!
Choco Markie created a new dish for Cilantro - Loop Grain Bread
he's such a darl...and sat quietly the whole evening dining like any adults would
this one already trained since young....even mommy let him had a nose on all the wines and champagnes..

yea must train their palate while they r young...
if start later like me than have a lot of catching up to do~~~~

GOE is all ready!!!!
on the way to KL, they've already whacked some food at Yong Peng
sea urchin is alwiz welcomed :P

Amuse Bouche of Sea Urchin with carrot juice foam
hmmmm how often u get this as amuse bouche?
Ocean Trout with thinly sliced daikon and shiso and sea salt on top
so fine lar the mis-en-place
the gang bz chomping and snapping away
inside this glass was a single yummy fresh oyster which was lightly smoked served in vichysoisse
vichysoisse is like a soup/puree made fr leeks onions potatoes etc
ohhh another yumsss
Roasted Sable Fish with scallop and Coriander
those baby leaves there are baby coriander sprouts...such subtle sweet taste

my favourite for the evening was this CHICKEN!!!!!!
french chicken with foie gras and summer truffles
done 2 way with a crispy piece and the other one was moist silky smooth
JS dun take chicken so he had another pasta with generous amount of shaved summer truffles
basically summer truffles are not as pungent as the black one
but our favourite is still Tartufo Bianco fr Alba :D heeeeeeeee
we were eagerly waiting for this pair with our wines :)))
grilled Blackmore Wagyu with picquant sauce and yuzukoshou
Yiks had a generous amount and almost the ate the whole animal :P
while he was bz puffing at the lounge everyone donated an extra piece to him

he came in staring at his plate...wah so generous
chomp chomp chomp
mopped his plate clean then somebody unveiled to him :P

Yiks, Joanna and Choco Markie
I think Choco Markie has got Mommy's beautiful smile
very very tame evening....
WOTN = Musigny
J&J James scheming how can he store DURIANS after this dinner
he's been planning the second he arrived Malaysia's shore
quite disappointing coz in the end there was no DURIANS
it's all MUNCHY's fault!!!!!

it's all this bugger's fault....shoot him!!!

anyway we will plan a serious Durian trip again ok?
but we have to drive into the jungle into some precious orchard
Fedellini pasta with lobster and dried tomatoes
again everyone mopped the plates clean while declaring that they are stuffed
J&J inc
thanks for transporting the wines :D
they make very very efficient transporter
one minute they texted us that they are in Yong Peng
next thing they ding-dong-ed at our door
wat car u drive lar mate?!?!??!!?
the still very very newly-weds hehehehehehe
Flatmate Amy *who's not really my flatmate* and GOE
she's GOE's flatmate....and again GOE = God of Eatery who lurves to sit on a throne :P
I was expecting a TPL Kate Spade pose leh....
Munchy & Wei Nee
can't wait to see ur new home :))))
which's next to a STAR :P good luck mate

Look at the camera darling and smile!!!!
Choco Markie is really photogenic
how often do u see such a well behaved and obedient 4 year old?!?!?!?!
but this one is exceptional..
Bravo Joanna!!! u trained him so well....
Kyoho grapes Granitas
sit oso got big boss style
kekekekkee can whistle sumore
debating on the vintage
yeah we had a blind tasting the entire nite
and the unveiling only happened at the very very end
Chocolate and Pear Mousseline with caramel ice cream
competition for the longest and sharpest tongue
since u didn't forbid anyone fr posting on a here it goes hehehehe

Thank you to JS for dinner and the WINES!!!!!!!!!

big hugs to M People for coming all the way
hope u all had a yummy tummy time
this was the 1st outing out-of-Singapore for M People
Founding member Yiks must plan the next - Hong Kong/Ipoh

my precious ~~~~~ Berr :))))))))))))

Cilantro Restaurant & Wine Bar
Micasa All Suite Hotel,
368-B Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2179 8082


js said...

Let's do a chambolle musigny dinner in the near future. From village chambolle musigny to premier cru,Les amoureueses, Combe D'orveau and GC Musigny from the various domaines, etc. Suddenly chambolle musigny is my favorite commune :)))

CHER-RY said...

JS u plan this dinner can? at home? Home has got the best FOOD ever :D

r4 said...

Dining Room and lounge at Cilantro are looking very clean and fabulous. Foods are very delicious.

CHER-RY said...

r4: yes it's a fabulous place to be :)))