Monday, August 08, 2011

Homemade Bread

My friends told me baking is a stress reliever
I didn't have to think hard wat to make where I can just throw every emotions I have into the bread I was making :D

and something that dun require weighing and too much of measurement :D
just a pack of yeast, a pack of flour and some tepid water
of coz sugar and salt to taste
I was too lazy to mix em by out came Kitchen Aid
well that's wat utensils and appliances are for...
JS was aghast!!! "U cheating!!!!!!"
and started finger pointing.....
hmmm well coming from a Man who makes Pasta fr scratch...I dun blame him for accusing me for cheating :P
mixing only lar...i still have to knead!!!!
after a while the dough it ready to be worked on...
this is the part where I can knead away my stress!!!!!

la la la la la ~~~~~~~
not advisable to bake in ur lovely dress
well I was too lazy to change and it was after work

stretch and knead and stretch and knead
huff and puff and huff and puff
this is one stubborn dough!!!!!

I dunno why he took this pic
for the love of his water tap/aerator
*the one that flashes light like a GOD*
seen here the tap aka GOD with its GLOW
giving me lights as I worked on bread for supper
yes just like the Last Supper - Bread & Wine
now where's my glass of wine???
the stretch test....
so take a bit of the dough and do this test to see if it is ready to proof or not

if it breaks like this....
well it means u just have to knead ur ass out!!!!
this one not kneading ass out....this one kneading anger out
JS quickly hopped out of sight as Monkey was cursing

"damn u....stupid ppl...dunno how to work.....gimme so much of problems.....u wait tomorrow...I ain't giving up yet......stupid stupid stupid $%#^$@^@!!!!!"

I was so gawd damn tired..............
yea anger can be tiring...
but I'm alwiz recharged every new day ppl just can't keep up with this Monkey
:D heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
I have Anger Duracell....u wanna borrow?
and all the anger went to a PERFECT dough!!!
this stretch test is good to proceed :)))))))))))))))
then u shape your dough into a nice ball like this...........
put it inot a bowl and let it proof for 45 minutes at room temperature
preferably warm
well in a country like's warm all year round
anyway our home is cold esp with cold ppl like Monkey :P *whom never give chance*
I had to proof it next to my stove...which I was bz boiling Herbal Chicken Soup

Yes yes my philosophy...if u gonna mess the kitchen might as well do a few things to gain more that same nite I had bread baking and soup boiling at the same time.
after 45 minutes the volume of the dough has doubled...or more than doubled I should say
this is one eppy good result but it's only stage 1
u'll need to remove it out....gently...
and ready for the next stage
next stage is...wham the dough with all ur might while chanting stupid stupid ppl stupid ppl!!!!!
as ferocious as u could
this world is filled with stupid ppl
JS said...without them, we won't be AWESOME AMAZING PPL
yea yea how comforting
stupid stupid ppl stupid ppl stupid ppl
tools for the next stage
a sharp bread blade and a plastic one
then u can cut ur STUPID PPL or dough into equal portion
size as u wished after all u dictate ur stupid ppl and how to run them
yea I know I looked so ferocious here.....
even JS was so silent :P
hmmm this pic made me looked like I'm really cutting some parts/anatomy of a human body
after dividing them into equal portion it's time to shape and mould them
human can be mould into any form u want too :D
it depends on how they want to be moulded and also the willingness to or not
u wait!!! I'm gonna mould and polish u the way I want!!!!
and all my Stupid Ppl or bread or dough lined up cutely there
after being moulded they really looked kinda cute :D
and silent like a potato
put em into a baking tin/tray
and u need to proof them for the 2nd time
for another 45 minutes
yes making bread requires PATIENCE
and so is handling PPL
sometimes it's the game of who is more patience!!!
after all Patience is the most valuable virtues in life
score the top of ur bread to any shape u like with the sharp bread blade
oooOOooo I lurve sharp objects....
chark chark here n there just the way I want to scar them
and let them proof now
after 45 minutes :))))))))))))))))
the doubled in size again!!!!!
one eppy result :)))))))))))))

wif all the spare time in's cleaning up and also shower time
wham them into the oven
by this time my Herbal Chicken Soup was oso ready
it was for dinner the next evening...that's how I prepared my soup these days...
the slow cooker just ain't giving me the taste and results I wanted.
voila my stupid ppl bread :)))))))))))))))
with a crispy crust on the top and sides
the "scar" I gave them looked pretty too
just like hot cross bun :))))))))))))
inside it was soft and fluffy
forgotten to snap pic of inside :P
very very eppy with the results...
haven't been making bread for years....
so perhaps I should whenever I feel like whacking ppl

next I wanna do my own sourdough
needs space in the fridge to feed the starter for bread
basically it's like making yeast
yes I am now gonna create life form
hmmm I shouldn't say that coz then it'll be like playing GOD

kua kua kua
well it was an awesome evening whacking whamming punching dough
and got amazing we get to eat them :)))))))))
*JS was one eppy boy with his bread*
if only I can do the same to PPL and yearn same results :P

Happy Monday Folks!!!!!


neil said...

Teach me, Bee Ree... I wanna whack bread dough too!

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: dunnit to teach u lar u Karate Black Belt....just punch the dough any way u like :P

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

maybe we should get together one day and just whacking the bread together?

CHER-RY said...

Shell Shell: hahahah go to ur house to whack :P