Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Ah Lek Chee Cheong Fun, Teluk Intan

we were doin a pit stop at Teluk Intan to get the famous Chee Cheong Fun
which is a specialty of Teluk Intan
the place is supposed to be easy peasy but we were lost in the middle of the kampong
think we drove too deep in....coz 1 min away fr the famous Teluk Intan leaning tower is actually a really really big kampong.

so after lookin thru our GPS that shows we were in the middle of nowhere with no roads
how could that be??? we are on the road....BMW u need to update your GPS lar.

in the end we hailed a youth who was talkin on his mobile
"leng cai.......where is chee cheong fun ar?"
Leng Cai: "It's on the 3rd road...."

"errrrr 3rd road.....errrrrrrr where are we?"
Leng Cai: "I'll bring u.......follow my bike..."

and he drove off without his helmet at the beginning like Ekin Cheng in the HK movie "Young & Dangerous"
after shoving his hair a couple of times.....he put on his helmet again
we were ROTFLOL inside the car :P
so sweet of him to bring us there lar :)))))))))))

ahhhh then we were at the factory!!!!
u can only do take away no dining in here....

it was already 9.30pm so peak hour was already gone but there's still a short queue
ppl packing in 50s 30s 20s never in 2 or 3 packs

it's a narrow corner lot of a wooden house which they converted to a chee cheong fun factory
the heat was quite unbearable we felt it fr the outside
the angry auntie worked ferociously
scooping mixture if rice flour and its filling into the trays

so freaking hot!!!
they also have a fan for customers
Angry Auntie has got her own fan too!!!!!
after spooning the rice flour mixture unto the tray she threw some condiments innit
which I later found out to be fried turnip

wow!!!! one big pot of rice flour!!!!!!
anyway the trays are inserted into the "homemade/customised" machine
only they have got it...

it has a roller system at the bottom that pushes the tray into the steamer...
and the same tray of chee cheong fun will come out at the other end - PERFECTLY COOKED!!!!
it takes less than 1 minute for this lady to prepare a tray of Chee Cheong Fun
and 1 Tray = 1 Chee Cheong Fun =- RM 3.40 (Special, additional turnips)

the chee cheong fun is to be eaten with pickled green chilis...
here the maid was seen preparing and cleaning tonnes of green chilis
aiya Angry Auntie....faster lar...
u must not and kenot and never ever RUSH her...

so while waiting we chit-chatted with the customers who were on queue
"I ordered 800 last month"
800??? wat??? u got a village to feed is it?
"Nope I sent to KL for my friends...."

wahhh I think ur friend made a brisk biz selling these.....
after 5 mins...I ran back to the car....
in the comfy air cond....heheheehehheh
while I Ching and JS waited in the HEAT
30 mins later...with our Formula One driver we were in Ipoh once again :D
we ordered 30 packs
the above was only for supper...need to save some for breakfast the next day kekekekekeke

so a good quality of chee cheong fun must paired with a great wine
and we had an Echezeaux Mongeard
*think a certain M ppl will come and slap us*

we were so impatient that we decided to dine at the maid's table
to set up the dining table would have taken time

ohhhh yumsssss!!!!!!!!!!!!
it was still warm and silky smooth

the turnip was already pre-fried and was so savoury!!!!
think I finished one whole pack meself easily :P
very good...
but dun think I would ever drive into this lil town just for this
unless if it's a by-the -way thingy...
coz there's nothing else in the town

oh yea if u were wondering...
I saw the famous Teluk Intan leaning tower :)))))))))))

Liew Kee (Ah Lek) Chee Cheong Fun
725 Jalan Hill, Teluk Intan,


Unknown said...

really that good?

Extreme Power said...

walau.. extreme case really. How about the cendol?

CHER-RY said...

Shell Shell: yea it was...different and savoury. But seriously to drive there just for this small bite...I will think 2x next time :D

Extreme Power: Cendol??? didn't know bout it...where is it? :))