Thursday, May 07, 2015

Yakiniku @ Dotonbori, Osaka

The brightly-lit loud and vibrant street of Dotonbori in Osaka. This is the tourist stretch and basically you can get anything along the same street, from food to drinks, entertainment, Pachinko slots arena, souveniers shops, high street fashion stores and even gals...yes gals...u can get any gals u like on this same street too.

But we were much more busier stuffing our faces with pipping hot Takoyaki. Or busy buying all the limited edition Kit Kats, junk foods, chips in all flavours, biscuits but most of all fries LOL!!!

Every shop here screams for attention. This one is a cute one from Meiji, the selections that they have in Japan is amazing~~~~ the land of fun and cute food.

giant Gyoza on the billboard....
one could easy get entranced along Dotonbori with all these humourous billboard and signages.

We even have Giant Octopus here, reminded me of Dr. Octavius Brine from Penguins of Madagascar hahahahaha....u know the evil Octo that turned all cute pengis into mutated ones?

Giant Fugu it's obvious that this place serves the potent marine life hahaha. Yep we have eaten fugu before and it was OK.
Kudairo Taro playing drum. He's one of the main attraction here and the symbol of Osaka.
I can't remember how many times have we been to Dotonbori and still be mesmerised by all the energy exuded here. 

the running Glico Man....:))) they have so many flavours here in Japan.

Beautiful scallops being grilled on its shell. The aroma of seafood being grilled along this street was pretty intoxicating. Giant crabs, oysters, prawns and scallops...AaaAAAAaaaaa The aroma just attracted everyone to queue up for these mollusc.

small lil shop tucked in between all the "screamers"
We decided to be a lil bit touristy to dine along Dotonbori. Just for a change. Sometimes during our vacation, we'll make space, a night or two with no reservations anywhere just to eat what we think we feel like on that particular day/time.

Sowwyyyy...both of us are so meticulous, every travels come with itinerary, confirmation and reservation. It's always so well-planned so maybe for certain days it should be free and easy. I guess this was a practice at work...every itinerary has to be well planned, coordinated and efficient. 

So on a casual evening, we just tapped onto our phones to get some recommendations for grilled beef and found ourselves in this lil unassuming yakiniku place. So here we go CHEERS~~~~~

Sweet juicy tomatoes~~~

crunchy fresh cabbage...somehow the cabbage here are alwiz sweet with no tannin.

Nope it's not chicken's the pork cheeks!!! so yummy :))

homemade pork sausage...that nite we were so pigged out hahahaha

what's a yakiniku without some awesome beef with marblings??

JS: "Monkey u ready?"
Monkey nodded...u are the chef...u cook!!! I'll just enjoy my Asahi...hahaha I feel like a man...alwiz :P

la la la la la
and JS grilled each piece to perfection, having learnt it from Chef Takashi Kimura during our trip last year to Sapporo.

more beef~~~ gimme gimme gimme

and it sizzles~~~~

It was a rustic and simple meal but extremely satisfying....and we ordered plates after plates of beef :))))

ended our meal with vanilla ice cream in frozen strawberries :))) What a delight

after our scrumptious meal, we walked around hunting for more bites among the huge neon billboard of Dotonbori. :)) If u find yourself with no plans, no reservations and have no idea what to eat, just head down to Dotonbori. Rest assured, u'll find something to nom nom nom but most of all to buy...hehehehe

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