Thursday, May 14, 2015

Tai Cheong Egg tarts pairing with Milk Tea from Lan Fong Yuen

There's always a queue here, even in the evening. So don't be alarmed when you arrive at the most loved egg tarts in Hong Kong - Tai Cheong Bakery, with the queue stretching up the slope of Lyndhurst Terrace :)))

Despite having various branches around Hong Kong and one outlet in Macao, locals and tourists still thronged this tiny bakery in Central near to Wellington Road for their fix and cravings.
So were we :)))
Numerous shops opened right next to and around Tai Cheong egg tarts to ride on their popularity, including this sweet shop...which was so out of place. 

The queue was long but a quick one, bcoz it kept on moving as each customers walked out of the tiny bakery with smiley face as they quickly tucked into the pipping hot and delicious egg tarts.
See, I told was so quick and then our turn came :)))) more like my turn coz JS said he had enuff food and refused Monkey only bought a few pieces..but guess who ended up eating the most??? -_-"
I kid u not, every customer walked out looking exactly like the above. Hmmmm was that me???

First, the aroma of sweetness and eggs. Then the toasty-ness of the tart shells....
The next test was how wobbly they were....

followed by the crumb test....such fragrant and it's so crispy...Someone told me they added almond flour to it, to give it that crunch and aroma. Very buttery too...

I've been having Tai Cheong egg tarts for more than 10 years, and must say they have tweaked their recipe to be BETTER!!! it's less sweeter now.
Look at the shine~~~~ then the custard....
Oh heavenly.

There I stood by the road side, enjoying my beautiful and awesome egg tarts...together with throngs of tourists who were doing the same....sinking into their share too. Plus all the selfies and selfies sticks...oh gawd.....I see more selfies sticks than walking sticks in HK *even oily stick aka yao char kwai lose out*
and Mr. JS couldn't resist and gobbled down a piece...
He concurred that the recipe has changed and he really enjoyed it a lot....for the first time, as he's not a tart person.
Life is beautiful esp after chomping down some egg tarts, we headed for milk tea at the famous Lan Fong Yuen. It's just located a few steps away from Tai Cheong egg tarts. Another famous establishment in Hong Kong since 1952, one cannot miss this.

Good things usually has got queue, but if you are buying "to-go" there's no queue at all...just order, pay...and wait outside 7-11 which is right opposite and the lady will call out your order in 3 minutes, all ready to go.

Those ppl were queueing up to dine and enjoy their tea inside the outlet. There's other famous food to pair with your milk tea, such as toast and pork buns.
Milk Tea was so creamie and velvety with beautiful aromas. We believed that they used a mixture of different types of tea. There we were, lip smacking our way from egg tarts to velvety tea...still standing by the road side...

AaaaaAAAaaa :))))

So now my question to you, do you prefer the crust or the custard when u enjoy egg tarts? :))) For me it has to be both, like a perfect marriage. 

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