Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dalineum, Beaune

Do I need to remind everyone again on this lil town of Beaune which is so beautiful and quaint, and yet it's the capital of Burgundy wines, where merchants round the world come here to trade and buy.

It is also the only city that I could find great collection of wine books, materials, gadgets, accessories related to wines. Friends alwiz wondered where the heck we got all these beautiful unique stuffs....it's usually from travels. The number of books we brought back, I tell ya!!! definitely more than the kilos of cheeses that JS lugged home.

also maps, socks for blind tasting....socks to cover the bottles not my feet that's for sure. And even more unique wine labels, tags etc. Yeah ppl wondered why the hell do we even wanna buy a 4 foot long map of Burgundy. Hahaha I can't explain why. We are just so obsessed with geography and terroir. Plus climate now...hot years cold years, that's the only thing I have yet to master....which vintage has the warmest climate, which one with the most rain. In fact 2014 rained a lot here in Burgundy, most winemakers said there's too much of rain...but down south in Provence, the winemakers gave different notations. Now I'll need a new map where I can plot on bcoz the one we have right now, JS won't even let me touch it.

It was not that early in the morning anymore....bout 10-ish? But it's still very quiet. Windows and doors were still shut bcoz it was a MONDAY!!!
and on Mondays, Musee du Vin is closed!!! This was our 4th trip and we never seemed to visit this museum at all....and when we did, it's closed. Aiks alwiz forgotten that most of the things are closed on Mondays. Now I'm an expert in the number 4 pose. HAHAHAHAHA

dunno which lens that JS used, all his pic looked so ready for prints. Not much editing needed though, I guess if u are good u dun have to edit much. Better not let him know this, he already very "action" pffffffttttttttttttttttttt

Sunny sunny days are so much appreciated here, especially when u are travelling :))))))) and we lurve to do that on foot. All the time...well u have to balance whereby there's so much of food input, u need to exert more and burn those calories.

Mr. Dali, can I just twist ur funky moustache? hehehehehe.

Salvador Dali.....a surrealist artist whom experimented so much with cubism which was somehow influenced by Paul Cezanne another important artist. This vacation had been so enriching, we did so many Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh, Cezanne, Emile Bernard and of coz Dali....all of them were somehow related and influenced by each other.

Hahahaha no!!! this wasn't the original one...the ori one is sitting proud in the Museum of Modern Art New York. *Oh New York New York, when am I coming to thee?* Dali is famed for his The Persistence of Time where his favourite pocket watches melt.

Monkey entered into the realism of Modern Music at 9 years old? It wasn't by choice, it's like part of the syllabus if I wanna graduate in Music which I did and I didn't like it.....I've alwiz been a classical person.

So Arts and Musics are very much related. Composers created pieces that reflect that certain period of time....so when the lecturer entered into the Modern period chapter, I remembered grousing like my grandmother. So apparently it's quite easy, modern music are just like modern arts, never follow the rules, alwiz surreal, there's hardness and softness at the same time, and basically everything was so dissected.

Hence my memory of Art pieces, Artists, Composers, Period of time, Centuries, techniques were so strong. Now I should thank my mom for sending me to horrifying Music Classes for 12 years and my dad for spending so much on me!!! LOL!!!

Dalineum was opened by a Burgundian Monsiuer Jean Amiot, who has amassed a huge collection of Dali's works. There's more than 150 pieces of works from sketches, to paintings, even some rare ones....also sculptures and creations of Dali's. Also included were some reproductions of his works.

some of the pieces u'll need a prism cube to "merge" both paintings into one....it was actually Jesus Christ, crucifixion on a 4th dimension. How the heck do u even do painting in such dimension???? No wonder there's only one and ONLY Salvador Dali in the world.

This was a reproduction of the famous lip couch made for actress Mae West, who was then the sex symbol of that period in the 20's

a standing lamp with interconnected tweaks/branch liked pieces stacked on top of each other.

Dali's works incorporate so much of dream-liked fantasies, u'll only see things like those in ur dreams. Just like The Persistence of Time. Also he lurves Ants, bcoz to him, ants = decay. You'll notice some ants here and there in his paintings. How poetic!!!!

Lookin for Ants, Monkey?
there's no ants in this piece though.

As we explored this museum, u'll notice how his painting style changed over time. Just like Picasso the confused artist. When we first saw his early pieces, we were liked...hey I can actually tell what it was!!!!

outside Dalineum there's another sculpture by Dali.

This is a rather new museum, having recently opened in 2011 by Mr. Amiot. He decided to curate all these pieces at his hometown. Nestled in the middle of Beaune. 

The other place/chateau that have quite a number of Dali sculptures would be Chateau Pommard. It's no strangers to frenchies that Arts are extremely good investment. Almost all large winemakers have amassed some form of art pieces, if they could, there's also a separate art gallery to display these.
*click here to read about Chateau Pommard visit with its Dali and Picasso works*

Le Dalineum,
30 Place Monge,
Beaune, France.

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