Thursday, February 07, 2013

Recent Hong Kong trip

We got back from HK for more than a week already and it felt so long ago. Prollie too much at work to be done and achieved before another long long holiday arrives aka Chinese New Year. The office is gonna be closed for a week so I'm practically on half month leave in February :P

Hong Kong is one of those places that we'll go over and over and over again just for Food!!! Seems like we ate almost the same thing over and over again but we only get these in HK so why not??? Chinese food never bores me.

Bear, Labbit, Berr and Sheep Sheep
it was JS's idea to bring Bear along....
he was my lil toy since I was a Bear is as old as me :P

Weather was lovely hovering between 15*C to 20*C so walking around didn't pose much problem...I guess we can stand heat and cold but definitely not rain....  

We've indulged in as many ans as much GOOD FOOD as possible
leaving no rooms nor hours to spare, every minute that ticked by was spent stuffing our faces...oh well perhaps except JS. All he did was watched us in horror.

my favourite braised beef tendons....can't remember how many bowls we had......if it's true my skin should be really smooth by now with all the collagens...hahahahaha

Ride all the public transport I wanted....from ferries to underground train to trams and speed boat!!!
wuahahahaha I felt like a child again....

hmmm actually I try to feel like a child everyday :P living life without worries but adults have got bills to to those who are still studying enjoy it!!!! it's the best time of your life before the grey hair and wrinkles come out and more bills to pay.

and Monkey get to do supper everynite....not just one supper....nope..not even two
but THREE suppers a nite!!! WOOHOOO~~~~~~~~
their dry fry beef noodles are just so awesome it can murder u on the spot

what a cute plate on a Porsche Cayenne
we lurve to walk around, explore every nooks and corners of any city in every city that we traveled to. Bound to find some interesting sights, EATS and people :)))))

*file pic taken at Hong Kong 2009*

that reminded me of another Porsche Boxster we saw in Hong Kong
You can read the posting about this restaurant where this lil porsche was parked *click here*

J&J James and Jelina were with us during this trip
Objectives: only street food and that's wat we did except a few exceptions for a very important dinner :):):)

After our yummy lunch, we decided to have tea and that shop is closed on Sundays!!! WAT??? this is something new!!!! business so good until they are closed on sundays now??? Lucky us there was a notice informing the customers they have another branch that's open 7 days a week...not knowing where it was...we just snapped pix of the address in chinese and hopped into a cab...

3 minutes later, we were at the branch outlet sipping our milk tea.
JS smacked his forehead...u ppl are really hardcore coz that was our 4th tea break for the day :P:P:P

Labbit, Berr, Sheep Sheep and Bear waited for Monkey to come home everynite

"Now.....where is that woman??? either bz shopping of stuffing her face with food -_-"
well I DID brought them out one of those days....HK is a dangerous safe to bring hobbits out all the time :P

Monkey & JS at Times Square and all the plum blossom trees
yup HK had been great and we'll be back :)))))))))
esp when our inventory of har ji meen and lap mei is running low. JS bought enuff supply for a while I hope :P



neil said...

The milk tea must be really excellent to command that sort of determination to hunt it down! :D
Aren't you going to tell us which shop that is? hehe

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: oh yea silky smooth with such tea-ish fragrant. Am saving it for another post....tee hee patience.