Monday, February 25, 2013

Object of Desire 0018: Bottega Veneta Belly Intrecciato Napa

This is not necessary an object of desire...bcoz I already have this model from Bottega Veneta *click here to read*
I am in LOVE with this color --> COROT
yeah wat a weird name huh?

such a beautiful color and I don't have anything from this latest hue yet

Problem is....which other model should I get when I have almost every single module that suits me from Bottega Veneta?
Just bcoz I want to own something in this color. ARGHHHHHH

that reminds me, I haven't been posting about my bags lately....
OK ok ok soon soon..just watch this space :))

old habits die hard

I need to attend an AA session soon *or BA*
Hello my name is Monkey and I am a Bagaholic >.< 

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