Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sage by Chef Takashi Kimura

Sage has finally finally OPENED!!!!!!!!!!!

yes I know it was very impolite of me
to barged into the under-renovation-restaurant
months ago

"Is it open? Is it open?
much later....
"When is it gonna open????"

I'll soon be banned fr Sage.
for giving pressure to the team

Jason joked that whenever he watched "Opening Soon"
in AFC.....he almost had an heart attack thinking of Sage.
Running and opening a new place ain't easy
and so this was my very first visit to Sage
on their 2nd day of business...
*1st day I had to attend ICON's party, otherwise........hehehehe*
and to share the beautiful nite.....Beautiful CS
deep fried cheesie bread..
I've forgotten it's actual name.
It's heavy and cheesy but I lurve it.
complimentary fr Chef...
Aussie oyster with daikon and chives.
I had a very good starter - off the menu
foie gras with not-unagi-but-taste-like-unagi on top of mash and crispy filo pastry
JS had pasta *why am I not surprised???*
with juicy prawns with prawn oil and mozzarella.
very good.
We brought a bottle of Towers and Henschke
*Si Fu Lawrence must be asking, u drink aussie meh????*

Anyway it was an EXCEPTIONAL year OK!!! 1994
I went to the vintage chart and saw that the best year to consume this baby is 2009
Can't we just wait another year? Do u still have this Mr. JS?????
I must say it's a very big and heavy shiraz
with a long finish.
Chef's special for the nite
grilled wagyu with eggplant and chanterelles

Chef Takashi focused more on the fresh ingredients in his new menu
I guess simplicity is the key.
lurve the wilted spinach with garlic
Beautiful CS & Monkey
cripsy chocolate biscuits with vanilla ice cream
lime souffle with expresso sorbet
this was my favourite,
roasted apple????
in terms of ambience,
Cilantro is more comfortable.

U'll see more of me here

Sage Restaurant, Wine & Bar
Level 6, The Residence,
The Gardens,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2287 2189

Believe me...
Chef Takashi Kimura IS REALLY cooking up a storm there!!!


Anonymous said...

the reginette was simply superb and perfect...that's coming from a pasta lover like me....actually the fedellini was also very good....reminds me of les amis truffle oil and caviar capelini. keep it up chef Takashi!!

the real JS.

CHER-RY said...

I'll need to start a fan site for Chef Takashi soon. Tee hee hee.