Friday, September 12, 2008

Berries mania

I Ching & Me went strawberries plucking and munching
*it was cooooolllldddddd~~~~~~*
early in the morning while the men went to the golf course
earlier than us and stood frozen with 2 orang asli caddies.
we were given a polyester tray = RM 15
pluck as many as you want according to its tray's max weight
excess weight will be charge accordingly.
pretty straightforward.
the farm was HUGE!!!

Since it was super early in the morning,
there were only two of us
and bangla supervisor lead us to "a certain" rows for visitors to pluck.

I looked at it -_-
and living it up to my title Notti Monkey.....
"Me dowan here. Let's go over there with big fat juicy strawberries."
Pluck those at the top coz they've got enuff SUN!!!

another lower rank bangla worker who was harvesting them starred at me.
coz we were at the zone which was not meant for visitors.

I smiled at him and continued to screen down the rows and rows of berries.
"I Ching, this row is the best, let's walk in!!!!"
yep they are red and juicy but still
try to get those at the top coz they tend to be sweeter.
see wat I mean???
with such berry aroma and I was drowned in its trance of red lollies here and there.
we had strawberries for breakfast that day
from the farm to my stomach
hiak hiak hiak can't get better than this.

I Ching: "Hey make sure u don't move your lips when u turn over to the bangla worker."
Ok OK Ok Ok and continued to munch.

Monkey: "I Ching dear, pls wipe your red lips after u have consumed em."
OK OK OK OK and continued to pop more strawberries into her mouth.

I Ching: "Smile, lemme check your teeth for berries stain!!!"

Well if u wanna curi makan u have to wipe your lips don't ya??!?!!?
Look at the size of the hibiscus!!!!
bigger than my palm!!!!

anyway we had our money worth every single cent at this farm.
he he he he he he.

JS came back and I proudly told him our wonderful yummylicious experience that day.
"Aiyer!!!! How can u do that?"

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