Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hashida Sushi, Tokyo

The lil mansion/house of the famed Hashida Sushi

When we touched down in Narita that wet rainy morning, it was really early.....like 7am in the morning. Yawn yawn yawn and Monkey hugging her tummy happily after her nasi lemak and teh tarik onboard Malaysia Airlines....*now will be known as Malaysia Airlines Berhad*

So for the first time we took a bus to downtown Ginza all thanks to J&J Jelina who taught us how to stretch our dollar *in this case Japanese Yen*.....she was in horror when she found out that we have been taxi-ing our way from airport to hotels all these years....

Monkey grinned : "Pls don't look at me...it's my overly pampered housemate whom must be chauffered around."

The bus service was not only super duper cheap and efficient...but extremely clean!!! but most of all....there's a porter who will tag all your luggage bag before giving you your tag copy...and he will load all of it underneath the bus's storage. When u arrive at ur destination, just surrender ur tag and he will unload all ur bags again.....so basically this is as good as a cab!!!!

Thanks to J&J Jelina we can have more pieces of premium sushi. WAHAHAHAHAHA. Savings on transport will surely go to food and wines.

So after checking into Peninsula and them into Mandarin Oriental...the 4 of us congregated at Tsukiji market, thinking of slurping down some bowls of noodles or beef rice. But the queue and the influx of PRC tourists....oh my gawd....why is there so many of them?

True enuff, the ladies agreed let's shoot over to Hashida Sushi!!!! and we were so eppy that Mr. JS allowed that to happen for he's a man who will stick by schedule. Afterall we were already at Tsukiji why not Tsukiji??? anyway Hashida sushi is just nearby, we can alwiz come back to show for his cooking ingredients. Definitely not for food for now, as the food quality no doubt is good here at the market, but there won't be any ambience to enjoy everything in a rush plus JS hates to queue!!! He gets priority lane all the time from banking to customer service and even immigrations. So how do u make a man like that to queue???

We arrived really really early and Hashida Sushi won't be open till 11.30am....the four of us stood outside at 10.30am staring at each other if we should start queue-ing up!!!! LOL Singaporeans and Msians love to queue up!!! but we definitely can't beat the Japanese in this. They are the Master!!! the Sensei for the Art of calm and zen undisrupted queue-ing technique. *haiyeak karate chop chop chop*

Since they don't take reservations for lunch so it's kinda first come first served basis. We then decided to explore the neighbourhood.

Yes I have to agree, women lurve shopping.....they won't let the one and only stall that was opened for business at that hour off. But summer fruits such as peaches were all looking good and irresistible and so we bought some.

"JS can we have some cute bear buns???"
JS: "No....don't spoil ur appetite."

"But....but...it's an hour away and I am hungry~~~~~"
JS: "No. and that's final."
Monkey :(((((
Sayonara Bear Bun....JS read me too well. I wasn't hungry. I just wanna have a bite of something as adorable as u. And he knew that after one bite, I will pass u back to him, and he will end up finish u up. This hungry trick doesn't work anymore, I gotta think of something new soon.

It started to drizzle again and after 40 minutes, the ladies said we should all get back to the restaurant!!!! and Joanna was carrying her Hermes bag...I would have wrapped it with plastic bag!!!

J&J Jelina, Monkey and Joanna

U must be wondering wat happened to the rest of the group? They were still cycling in Hokkaido.

When we arrived, there's another 15 more minutes to opening....seeing that it's drizzling the owner opened the door for us to be seated inside. Woohoooo~~~~~

Master Sushi Chef Tokio Hashida....Hatch's beloved daddy. If u are familiar with Kenjiro Hashida who helmed Hashida sushi in Singapore...this is his dad whom he has apprenticed with.

so good to see the old man, whom was hospitalised just a few weeks earlier. But he's now all back at work looking serious as alwiz!!!

our brunch of awesome sushi.....as fresh as u could get when the restaurant has got such good supplier whom supplied the best cuts to the restaurant.

the cuts are really thick with not too much of vinaigrette rice. U don't wanna fill ur stomach with too much of rice. Sushis has got many school of thoughts in Japan, here it's the Tokyo style with no sauce on top - unlike Osakan, they lurve their sweet sauce on top of every piece of sushi.

Not a matter of which is more superior, but of preference. Just how do u like ur sushi :)))

Me want more toro and toro maki here u come...come to momma!!!!
I'm a simple gal :))) I lurve it simple and not extremely fancy...but then sometimes I like my food fancy. How contradicting *JS rolled his eyes*

JS: "U r definitely not simple ok?"
Monkey: "Yes JS u have got good taste, that's why u chose me!!!!"
further eyes rolling action by JS

Monkey: "If u continue to do that, it's gonna get stucked in that eye sockets of yours."
JS GAH!!! "This woman is impossible!!!"

the best part of abalone - which also happened to be the ugliest. Its prized liver for that bitterness.

paired really well with Sake. I can't remember how many bottles we had :P

 JS called this "Death by Uni"!!!
The boys called it the Uni Tower!!!
Wah can I just skip the prawn and tamago and have 3 pieces of Uni Tower?

tee hee hee

Then we were handed a mobile phone by the daughter of Master Sushi chef. it was Hatch/Chef Kenjiro Hashida all the way from Singapore. He was surprised that we were in Tokyo and did not notify him, for he could have arranged some form of "reservation" at his daddy's restaurant. :)))))
oh yums....
the style of sushi here is really rustic and authentic. If u are looking for something modern then please go somewhere else. Even the long wooden counter was shipped here all the way from Hokkaido for the Hashida family has their roots back in Hokkaido.

No menu here, just go omakase or special for the day. Soon as we were stuffing and popping pieces of sushi into our mouth, by 12pm there were no more seats and already a queue formed outside. The crowd here is really locals for it's such a hole in the wall!!!

Look at all the eppy eppy faces after our first meal fix. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh

JS: "Ok now no more taxi, all walk to Tsukiji Market with me to burn off those calories."

The ladies -__-"

We crossed over the steel bridge and Tsukiji market can be seen on the right side. This is the dock where ships come and go...loading and unloading million tonnes of tuna and freshly caught produce from the sea.

despite the numerous visits to Tsukiji market, one can never get bored...

Monkey outside the toilets!!! LOL

the famous and yet dangerous vehicle moving boxes and crates of fish around. These drivers are ferocious and they hate tourists so please stay away from them for we were regarded as obstacles and put their productivity 30% lower as they beep beep their way through the market in this.

Read bout our previous visit to Hashida Sushi *here*

Hashida Sushi
3-8-11, Kachidoki, Chuo-ku,
Tokyo, Japan.
Tel: +81 3 3533 0341

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