Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Scones at Miss Marple's, Dandenong

this lil cute house looked like gingerbread home
don't u think so?
yep Christmas in July
it's winter down under!!!!
Chili Queen and Monkey sat in the cold waiting for our turn
no reservations....and this place closes at 4.30pm
we were made to wait 45 minutes
so apa lagi?!?!?!
we went shopping around...kekekkekekekee
this place is so PACKED!!!
but cozy and so english :)))))))))
Miss Marple's menu
it's MARPLE ok..not maple
I Ching in my white comfy scarf, Monkey, LV Elaine

"It's gonna be cold!!! take it!!!"
I Ching: "No I'm fine"

"take my parisian cap along!!!"
I Ching: "I don't wanna carry so many things :(((("

5 minutes later...
guess who's all wrapped up?

I suppose in this case, it's not matter of size that can retain HEAT
more like who has got the most fat ratio in her body
well ahem that's me :P
then our hot drinks came!!!! :))))))
aiks??? I wasn't expecting scones to look like this???
but it was nice coz it's so warm and fluffy
served with homemade strawberry jam which was so good
*smacking lips*
we bought some home
and also excellent freshly whipped cream
taken fr JS's camera
also curi-ed fr his camera
bread & butter pudding!!!!
I Ching & Prince C
at the lil corner that sells jams, marmalade etc

supposedly we the msians spent the most at Dandenong
who said there's nothing to buy there???

Miss Marple's tea room
382 Mount Dandenong
Victoria 3787
Tel: +61 03 9755 1610


neil said...

looks sooooo sedap!

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: Memang sedap!!!!!