Sunday, December 14, 2008

Makan @ Brickfields

When it comes to Monkey's blog, generally, we have a rule - do not look at it when hungry. For this post however, it didn't matter if we were actually stuffed to the throat with food when we saw it - we simply had to have it.

Within the same day, Shell Shell had sent out let's-go-and-eat emails. Within the next couple of days, everyone had agreed, the date and time set.

On that glorious, eagerly-anticipated day..... it had to rain. GAH!Fortunately, we still made it in good time in spite of that (let a little rain hamper our plans to stuff ourselves silly with good food? no way!).

Smile for the camera!

And now take one for us.

You might have noticed none of us smiled until you could see the complete set of teeth. Reason is.... the pork noodle we'd came all the way, trudging through the rain, for..... wasn't available. The stall was closed. GAH again!

Lime with sour plum drink.

It was really good and refreshing. Pardon my non-descriptive style of writing about food... :P

Teh-si - tea with sugar and evaporated milk.

Since we couldn't have the pork noodle we wanted so much, we settled for the second-best there - banana leaf rice.

They served the rice right on top of a section of banana leaf, and dumped whatever curry and veggies we wanted on it.

We had some rendang chicken as well. The complete, big-picture view:

Monkey wanted to take a nice, close-up shot of the rendang chicken, but the 3 of us couldn't wait anymore:

"Take your forks away!" *GRRRR*

The forks were still there.

"TAKE YOUR FORKS AWAY!" *face turns black, frowns and pouts*

The forks were still there.

Monkey refused to budge. Eventually, we gave up and used our forks to eat instead of irritating her. She won, and got this perfect shot that she wanted:

And Monkey was happy again :)

Teofu had fried kuey teow, which he said was quite delicious.

Mee Mee and Teofu... the hang fuk newly-weds :)

Just as I was about to finish my portion (I eat so slowly that I am always the last to finish, no matter who I ate with), Monkey fished out her camera again.

"I want to take a photo of the mess on your banana leaf"

Want to show the world how messy I eat until? OK lor....

Not that messy lar right?

We folded the banana leaves when we're done eating. I remember someone once told me that the direction of the fold indicates how we liked the food. I can't remember which is which - if folding it towards / away indicates that we enjoyed / hated the meal.

Anyhow, if the banana-leaf rice stall's boss happens to read this post - we enjoyed the meal very much :)

So girls, when are we going back there for the pork noodle? I still want it.

*all photos taken by Monkey*


CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee....that was a well written post. :)

I enjoyed the curry rice a lot esp the chicken. Spicy enuff for my palate.

Most of all I enjoyed the company. :))))

neil said...

we need to go again for the damn pork noodle!