Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Waikiki Too

Sweet Devil Rachel, Tai Kah Jie Maggie, Monkey, Beautiful CS
this was the prettiest picture before we gone crazy,
last fri....we were supposed to "bar-hopping" at TTDI Jaya
but...well that's another long story..
and we ended up spending hours at Waikiki Too.
Tai Kah Jie Maggie & Monkey
She's the bravest of all and yet the youngest of us lot
-_- shame on us.
Tai Kah Jie Maggie ordering drinks....
hmm too many to choose from.
sexay back!!
Beautiful CS taking pic of me taking pic of her
I like the way she curled up her fingers on the other hand.
Tai Kah Jie Maggie, Monkey, Beautiful CS
Sweet Devil Rachel joined the band with her Tamborine
She hawt and raised the temperature of Waikiki
it's as hot as Hawaii now.
Drink drink drink
Really Hawt babes
oooo there's cherries in our drink
and there's one RED Cherry here too!!
Soon we were downing the "bride-to-be" on our next table drinks.....and more drinks.
Beautiful CS & Bride-to-be
with Tai Kah Jie Maggie
this Bride-to-be was soooo soo sporting
and my turn!!! we didn't even get her name
aikssss -_-
yes finish em up!!! so we can order more.
Cheers!!!!!! for a all girls nite out
Seee!!!! it's alwiz good to bring a camera out...
so u can snap pic of any hot hunks u like,
Tai Kah Jie Maggie has been drooling over the hunk in brown shirt
ooo u like long hair ka?
then he was slut-dancing with Bride-to-be

Later a name card by the name Sean popped at my face.
Monkey passed it to Beautiful CS,
Beautiful CS passed it to Sweet Devil Rachel,
Sweet Devil Rachel burnt it with the tea light candle on our table.

Is that the Sean that Maggie likes???
u shouldn't have burn it!!!!
this is ultimately sexay......
care to be part time tuition teacher????
I like this pic a lot :))))
Sweet Devil Rachel not only teaches....she can also sing....
poor Clay our waiter...
Sweet Devil Rachel pulled his sarong...
Clay pulled it all up for her and showed that he's not that stupid
for he's wearing a bermuda inside..
guess he had bad experienced with laydees.

and he had to multitask by mopping the floor,
*thanks to my puke*
serving us drinks,
asking if this monkey is alrite...who's head was kissing the table half the nite,
and helping me to puke more.

"U ok? U ok there?"
and served me more warm water.
aiks...shouldn't have serve more warm water,
doc said warm water makes u feel like puking!!!!

oh yeah I had a great time despite all,
lucky Sweet Devil Rachel didn't order Flaming Lamborghini,
otherwise who's gonna drive all of us home????
and I got so wasted.....
I swear that Waikiki Too gonna ban me.

Sweet Devil Rachel said this pic make a good Panerai Ad.
yeah Buy Panerai and get wasted?

vomited near my Suede Aldo shoes: RM 380
Almost vomitted at my Club Monaco dress: RM 899
have your wasted scenes 1 till the end captured on camera by your lovely friends: Priceless

hell no!! I'm not gonna post it here!

Waikiki Too,
TTDI Jaya,
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail,
Kuala Lumpur.


Tsu Lin + + said...

Red is definitely your colour, Cherry! (No puns intended for all the cherries out there. LOL)

CHER-RY said...

Tsu Lin: He he he thanks. I saw all your amazing holiday pics. How long were u away?

Anonymous said...

hi there...i actually stumbled upon ur blog here...
actually i was one of the "bride-to-be" frens...we were there...!!!! (i was actually captured in one of the pic..the girl who were talking to the hunk in brown shirt)
man..the world is really small.. huh?
anyway...u girls were great that night! hope to bump into u again..

CHER-RY said...

Celia: Hello there!! Thank u for dropping by :)) U are right!! The world is so small.

What is your friend's name? (The bride to be who is now a lovely wife?)

On another note, my friend missed the hunk-in-brown-shirt's name. Do u know him? (yeah this sounded so wrong but wat the heck!!!)

Anonymous said...

hahaha...the bride is now mrs chai...

the hunk-in-brown-shirt?? nah..i dunno him...i met him the same time as u girls too...i thought he's hot too..until he lets his hair down..

CHER-RY said...

Celia: Pls say HI to Mrs. Chai fr all of us. :)))))

We are heading to Waikiki Too this Friday!! Care to join?